Ring will make gadget for dogs in addition to video

Ring will make gadget for dogs in addition to video doorbells

If you want to buy a video doorbell, you’ll pretty much end up with Ring. The brand has quite a few in its lineup. Now it is also going to target dogs with a special gadget.

If you have a video doorbell hanging at your door, chances are it’s from Ring. The Amazon-owned brand focuses on securing your home, so it also has security cameras. Now it is adding a new category to its lineup and it is mainly focused on dogs and cats.

From the video doorbell to the Ring Tag

No, Ring is not going to make a cat flap that opens automatically when the video doorbell detects the pet, although that might be handy, too. The company is now making tags for dogs and cats. When your pet disappears, others can easily track down the owner.

Yes, you read it right. Others have to track down the owner through the tag. As such, it is not a tag like the AirTag or a Tile that includes a GPS tracker. In fact, the Ring Tag works through a QR code attached to the collar. If people come across a lost dog or cat, they can scan that code to get to the owner.

Here’s how the QR code works for your dog or cat

The QR code from the maker of video doorbells leads to a profile page for the pet. A variety of information can be added there, such as health information, medication and the microchip number. There is also a contact button that can be used to contact the owner.

If the QR code is scanned by someone, the owner immediately receives a push message. In addition, the Ring code will also be added to the network of more than 2,500 animal shelters in the United States. In this way, the dog or cat should easily be returned to its owner.

Ring will make gadget for dogs in addition to video doorbellsThe profile for your cat or dog. (Image: Ring)

At the moment, the product seems to be released only in the United States. If it becomes a success, it will not be crazy for the maker of video doorbells to release this product in other countries as well. The price tag of the Ring Tag is $9.99.

Nevertheless, do you still want extra assurance that you will find your dog or cat if it gets lost? Then chip it and don’t use an AirTag, because that’s dangerous.

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