iPhone 15 Pro 17 tips tricks and hidden features to

iPhone tips that will make you a real pro

You’ve probably had an iPhone in your pocket or purse for years. Yet there are still things you don’t know about the smartphone. We have the best tips for you.

Your iPhone is probably one of your most loyal companions. No wonder, then, that you are eager to discover more about this beloved device. In fact, many of its useful features often remain hidden, waiting to be discovered.

That, of course, is what your friends at WANT are here for. We searched our iPhone for some tips that you, as a pro, really should know.

Become an iPhone pro with help from these handy tips

If you want to get better at using your smartphone, here are a few tips you really don’t want to miss. Whether you have the latest iPhone 15 models or an older device, these tips are sure to make you a real iPhone pro.

#1 Make videos super fast

If you love the iPhone’s camera, there’s a handy trick to quickly start recording video. Instead of going to video mode separately, you can simply hold down the shutter button. This will automatically switch the camera to video mode and start recording.

iPhone 15 Pro camera (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

#2 Using the flashlight with Siri

We all know that Siri is not flawless, but the virtual assistant also has some handy features. One of the iPhone pro tips I’m a big fan of is saying “Siri, Lumos” to turn on the flashlight and “Siri, nox” to turn it off.

#3 Easily perform a hard reset

If your device stops responding, your best bet is to perform a hard reset. For an iPhone X or newer, you do this by quickly pressing both volume buttons. Then press and hold the side button until your smartphone turns off completely. Your device will now perform a reset and then reboot again.

iPhone 15 gets special camera that takes even better photos handy tipsThe iPhone 14 Pro. (Image: Unsplash/Omar Al Ghosson)

#4 Typing with only one hand on the iPhone Plus and Pro Max

On the iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro Max models, it can be difficult to type a message without using both hands. Of course, the screen is far too large for that.

Fortunately, Apple has added a handy feature to your device called reachability. Press and hold the emoji icon on your keyboard, then choose whether to move the keyboard to the right or left side of the screen.

#5 Quickly fix errors

This is a handy trick for quickly correcting typos from typos or deleting large chunks of text on your iPhone. Instead of tapping the backspace button, you can simply shake your iPhone to erase what you typed.

You may accidentally use this feature. If you accidentally deleted something and want to restore it, just shake your phone again, and your smartphone will recover the deleted text.

#6 Don’t get distracted from your iPhone anymore

If you want to become a true iPhone expert, you need to take this tip seriously: use Apple’s Focus Mode. This is not really a secret, yet not enough people use it.

Focus mode lets you specify which notifications and apps you want to receive at specific times, so you can focus when you need to and relax without distractions when you want to.

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