1708006708 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra loses by a hair to iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra loses by a hair to iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has made up significant ground on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. That has everything to do with the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may be called the most popular flagship along with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. They are both incredibly good phones, but in one respect the Koreans have now made significant progress.

The well-known YouTube channel PhoneBuff has thoroughly tested the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the Koreans manage to score big on this, which can be called remarkable.

The big battery test between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and 15 Pro Max

PhoneBuff tests the battery life of Samsung and Apple’s top models every year. For five years, no Samsung managed to win it. The last winner on the Korean side was the Galaxy Note 10+, which managed to beat the iPhone XS Max.

During the test, all kinds of aspects of the smartphones are tested. These include making calls, streaming videos, sending messages, gaming and also putting the smartphones on standby for 16 hours.

This year, unlike previous years, it was a real battle of titans. Almost the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra managed to take the title and the phone was ahead for a long time. But just before all batteries were running low, the iPhone managed to crawl just a little further.

The final result

In total, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s battery lasted 27 hours and 45 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra fell just 2 minutes short. The device went out after 27 hours and 43 minutes. So you could still call that within the margin of error.


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Still, the numbers don’t say it all, as Samsung still has a lot of work to do, especially when you look at the battery itself. In the Galaxy S24 Ultra there is one of 5,000 mAh, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes do with 4,441 mAh. So the Apple battery is much more efficient.

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