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These popular Samsung smartphones can whistle for Android 14

Android 14 is the latest version of the operating system and is expected to be released in August or September for various Android phones. However, some Samsung devices will not receive an update. We tell you which devices are out of the loop.

If you have a smartphone running Android, you look forward to the new update every year. This is no different with Android 14, as it brings with it many new features and makes your phone even more enjoyable. Still, some users will fall behind the net, as the new version will not be available for every Samsung phone.

No Android 14 for these Samsung phones

Unlike an iPhone, Android phones generally get fewer software updates. Samsung phones, for example, receive firmware updates for an average of two or three years. Some smartphones even receive four years of support, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and all flagships after that, for example. The same goes for the A33, A53 and A73.

Well, these are the Samsung phones that will receive Android 14. Unfortunately, this does not apply to every device. There are unfortunately plenty of devices this year that will not receive an update. Wondering if your device is among them? Unfortunately, the list is quite long. Here they are:

Galaxy S10 Lite
Galaxy S20 FE
Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S20+ / Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy Note 10 Lite
Galaxy Note 20 / Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Galaxy Z Flip (LTE/5G)
Galaxy Z Fold 2
Galaxy A22 (LTE/5G)
Galaxy A32 (LTE/5G)
Galaxy A51
Galaxy A71
Galaxy Tab A8
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2020)
Galaxy Tab S7 / Galaxy Tab S7+

UI 5 is the end station

For these phones, Android 13 (or as Samsung calls it, UI 5) was the last update. However, that doesn’t mean your phone will stop working altogether. Apps like WhatsApp and Instagram will still support this software version for quite some time.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition Google androidThe Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Moreover, you will still receive security updates, so your Samsung phone remains safe from potential threats.

Is your phone not listed and you are receiving Android 14? Samsung will roll out this update at its own pace. Probably the first devices in the Galaxy S23 line will receive the update, followed by older S models and the Z Fold and Flip line.

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