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This hidden ‘vampire feature’ sucks your iPhone battery dry

If you feel like your iPhone battery is draining really fast, that may be true. That’s because the device has a feature you probably didn’t know existed.

It is and always will be a nightmare when you see your phone’s battery drain bizarrely fast. Of course, that could be because you watch a lot of YouTube videos, for example, or are on social media a lot. But there is also another feature that drains your battery.


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Turn off this ‘battery vampire feature’ on your iPhone

So apparently there is one feature on the iPhone that drains the battery much faster than it should. Avoiding this feature helps keep your phone turned on longer.

But what exactly is the feature that has such an impact on the phone’s battery? It’s a program that helps keep your Internet connection when you’re on the go. It’s called “Wi-Fi assistance.

“With WiFi Assist, your iPhone stays connected to the Internet even when the Wi-Fi connection is weak,” Apple states on its site. “For example, if you are using Safari with a weak Wi-Fi connection and a Web page fails to load, Wi-Fi assist is activated and automatically switches to mobile data so that the Web page continues to load.”

Here’s how to disable this vampire

Rest assured: Wi-Fi assistance is easy to turn off. To do so, take the following steps.

This hidden vampire feature sucks your iPhone battery dryYou don’t need that (Image: Apple)

First, go to your Settings on your iPhone. Next, choose Mobile Network. Then scroll all the way down past all the apps that use data. Here you’ll find the Wi-Fi assist which can then be easily turned off.

Needless to say, it doesn’t benefit your Internet connection. But aside from extending your iPhone’s battery life, it has another benefit. Namely, the fact that your phone does not automatically partially switch to cellular also saves you data.

So turning off this assistant is definitely worth it.

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