What Europe just wont understand in the battle between iPhone

What Europe just won’t understand in the battle between iPhone and Android

Android and iPhone have dominated our globe since prehistoric times. Both manufacturers have been competing for a place at the top for years, but something is going badly wrong in Europe.

It is perhaps one of the biggest battles in the world: Apple vs Android. Both manufacturers live the most advanced devices. From smartwatches and laptops to the world’s best smartphones.

In Europe, Android is the biggest. But our continent is making an error of judgment in this titanic battle. We explain to you exactly how that is.

Android vs. iPhone in Europe

The Internet is full of the fattest apps and games. But you can’t always find your favorite titles in your trusted App Store by a long shot. Many Android users therefore do sideloading. This means that you install apps outside the official offerings. So, for example, from an app store other than the Google Play Store.

The advantage of sideloading is that you have more freedom of choice. You can completely choose where you get apps from and what software you download. The only downside is that you have a somewhat higher chance of viruses or hacker attacks.

Tips for the iPhone that will make you a real pro (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

On an iPhone, this is a lot harder, as sideloading was not possible on iOS devices for a long time. This obviously creates more competition for Apple, so the company isn’t too happy about it.

In Europe, there is now a law in place called the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Within this law, users are basically allowed to install apps from outside the App Store on an iPhone. Apple is going to change a few things to comply with this law. One of those changes is a software tool that will make it easier for people to switch from iPhone to Android.

Android needs no encouragement

Apple taking this step is remarkable. Especially since Android is already hugely popular in Europe. And honestly, switching from iPhone to Android is not really difficult. People may think that iPhone users don’t want to switch to Android because it’s too difficult, but really, they just don’t want to. Even if Apple made it super easy to switch, iPhone users would probably still stick with their iPhones.

If the EU with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) mandates that this happens, they don’t seem to be fully aware of what is happening in the world of cell phones. According to data collected by German research firm Statista, Android has been the most popular platform in Europe since 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S24 from AndroidSamsung Galaxy A53 (Image: Samsung)

Last year, Android phones had nearly 65 percent of the market, while iPhones accounted for the rest, about 35 percent. So, if the EU thinks they can make iPhones more popular by these rules, maybe they should think again.

Is the iPhone tool available outside Europe as well

Even though Android is more popular in Europe, once people have an iPhone, they are not so eager to switch to Android. A May 2023 survey by CIRP found that in the U.S., 15 percent of people who bought a new iPhone first owned an Android. And only 4 percent of iPhone users switched to Android.

Although Android has a lot of users, most people with iPhones want to stay with their iPhones. You don’t want to just switch to another one. That makes it strange that Apple wants to make it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android, especially if the EU forces them to do so.

Whether the tool will be available outside of Europe is not yet known. Of course, if it is, the goal would be a lot clearer. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for that.

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