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Can you be electrocuted in an electric car or on an electric bike?

Electric cars and electric bikes are seen everywhere, but are they safe? An accident in water could possibly be fatal.

It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix well. If an electrical appliance falls into the water, you could even be electrocuted. An electric car or electric bicycle seems a lot less safe then anyway.

After all, in an accident in water, the chances of being electrocuted are higher than for a gasoline-powered car. We figured out for you how dangerous it really is.

This is what happens when an electric car drives into water

You can breathe a sigh of relief because it is highly unlikely that you will be electrocuted if you accidentally park a Tesla in a pond. So say experts at Northeastern University in Boston. An EV’s electrical components are always properly sealed and protected so they are not simply exposed to water.

If an electric car ends up in water, the water first hits the charging port, which is made to shut itself off if there is a short circuit. The same goes for a broken cable. So there are safety guidelines built into an EV at every point.

Electric car water hazardTake good care! (Image: Pexels)

This is the case with every electric car you can buy in the Netherlands. In fact, EVs must meet strict battery protection regulations within the European Union. This includes protection for an accident in water. So you really can’t just get electrocuted.

Even on dry land, there is very little chance that you can be electrocuted by an electric car. For example, in hard precipitation.

What about an electric bicycle?

With an electric bicycle, this is a different story. That vehicle uses the same batteries as an electric car, but are not as well protected, according to experts. Therefore, the chances of things going wrong are a bit higher with an e-bike.

Still, even with an electric bike you don’t have to panic right away. The chance of things going really wrong remains very small. Although the e-bike is not optimally protected, the EV does have a protective layer that protects the battery from water damage.

Electric bike on the sideLeave your bike aside (Image: Pexels)

In addition to water damage, electric bikes and cars are also susceptible to extreme heat. If an e-bike is in an accident, or punctured by something sharp, the battery can be damaged. This can cause the electrodes to touch and cause a fire because all the electricity is released at once. The battery can become so hot that it even catches fire or explodes.

Scientists are working hard to find a solution to this problem. And they seem to be on the right track. They have designed a special battery that is a lot safer. We’ll tell you all about it in the article below:

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