Heres how to keep electric car battery like new longer

Here’s how to keep electric car battery like new longer

In a gasoline car, you change the oil regularly to keep the engine healthy. You can do something similar for your electric car. By taking a few simple steps, you make sure the battery lasts longer.

Most electric cars have a battery similar to that of your smartphone, but much larger. Besides regular charging, there is much more you can do for such a battery. If you take good care of it, it will last longer and you will get more enjoyment out of it.


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Here’s how your electric car battery will last even longer

Even if you only want to keep your electric car for a few years, it’s smart to keep the battery healthy. That way you’ll have the best range and performance, and the next owner will be happy with it, too. We’ll show you exactly how to do that.

#1 Stay in the 20/80 percent zone

Car manufacturers recommend keeping your electric car’s battery usually between 20 and 80 percent charged. This helps keep the battery healthy and ensures optimal performance and longevity.

This is because if your battery has a very low percentage, it has to work extra hard and that can shorten its life. Also, don’t go above 80 percent because that will actually make your battery lazy. Then it will drain faster.

Electric and environmentally friendly carsEven faster? (Image: Unsplash)

#2 Check tire pressure regularly

Always make sure that your electric car’s tires are in good condition and contain the right amount of air. And if the tires do not ride well, it is better to stop. Then replace them as soon as possible.

This is because if your tires are not properly inflated, the EV has to provide more energy from the battery to keep driving. If you want the longest possible range, then your tires are the first component you should look at.

#3 Use the fast charger as little as possible

Electric cars are getting better and better, but they still take a long time to fully charge. However, there are plenty of good fast chargers that solve this problem. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them.

When an electric car is connected to a fast charger, it can cause the battery to heat up and wear out. That’s why most car manufacturers recommend charging your EV at home at night. Of course, a fast charger is very convenient in many situations. Just try to do it as little as possible.

#4 Avoid extremely hot and cold temperatures

The battery of your electric car, like yourself, is sensitive to extreme temperatures. So try not to let it freeze or overheat. Not only is this bad for the battery, but it can also reduce performance.

Fortunately, new electric cars have built-in water pumps and liquid cooling. These protect the battery from too cold or too hot weather. However, it is still better to avoid these types of temperatures. That way, the battery stays healthiest.

Electric car, winter (Image: Renato Mitra)

#5 Drive normally in your electric car

Maybe sometimes you drive just a little too fast or too recklessly in your electric car. But you have to be careful about that. If you drive aggressively, just like a gasoline-powered car, it’s not good for the engine.

So try to keep your irritations and frustrations in check and maintain a safe driving style. This will not only get you home safely, but also help the battery.

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