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5 features experts say you should really turn off on your Samsung smartphone

Samsung smartphones are an essential part of everyday life. You probably look at it every few minutes, not knowing that you can get quite a bit more out of the device. And that includes removing a few settings.

Let’s face it. Samsung is not known for its great default settings. There are plenty of things you need to tweak to get the most out of such a smartphone. Then you just have to know what the device has to offer.


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Remove these 5 settings to take your Samsung smartphone to the next level

We have five settings ready for you that it is best to remove immediately. Some of these settings revolve around standard Samsung apps and others help you make Samsung phones work faster and easier. Ultimately, they make your smartphone a lot more user-friendly.

#1 Bixby on the side button

When you press the “off” button on a Samsung phone, the phone doesn’t actually turn off. Instead, it opens the voice assistant Bixby. An update that, if you’re not actively using Bixby, can be quite irritating. Fortunately, you can turn it off very easily.

Navigate to your smartphone settings and click on ‘advanced features’. Then search for ‘Bixby routines’ and disable the option.

#2 Samsung Internet

A Samsung smartphone often has Samsung Internet set as the default browser. But if you use Chrome, it’s worth switching. That means you’ll have easier access to things like your bookmarks and saved payment methods.

If you want to change this go to settings and click on ‘Apps’. Then press ‘Choose default apps’ and under ‘Browser app’ select Google Chrome.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE AndroidChrome on a Samsung. (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

#3 Control with three buttons

Users of newer Samsung devices and iPhones are used to gesture controls. These no longer require you to use buttons at the bottom, but instead navigate by swiping on the screen. However, many Samsung devices have the old system with buttons as the default.

If you are used to the modern operating system, you can change this in the settings. Go to “Display,” press “Navigation Bar” and choose “Swipe gestures.

#4 Samsung’s keyboard

Google’s keyboard “Gboard” is easier to use and much better than Samsung’s keyboard. Google’s typewriter has better autocorrect, better layout and lots of cute GIFs and emojis. To install it, go to the Play Store, search for Gboard and install the app.

#5 Something you do want: an always-on display

What people want from an always-on display is pretty simple: the clue is in the name. But Samsung phones don’t do that by default. The screen only lights up when you tap it. If you want an always-on display, you have to go to “Lock Screen” in the settings and enable “Always On Display.

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