Why the Samsung Galaxy S22 may be an uncomfortable step

Why the Samsung Galaxy S22 may be an uncomfortable step backwards

The Samsung Galaxy S22, which is likely to see the light of day next month, could be an uncomfortable step down. This is not only made clear by new Geekbench results, but also by reliable leaker Ice Universe.

Samsung’s new flagship series gives consumers the option of up to 1TB of storage. It’s ideal, but that means you’re also sacrificing something for it.

Samsung Galaxy S22: a step backwards?

Whether many people will lie awake over this, we don’t know, but uncomfortable it may be. The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+, with up to 8GB of working memory, will continue to perform the same as last year’s Galaxy S21 series. But that will certainly not apply to the Ultra variant that, according to the new information, will also have to make do with 8GB of working memory.

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– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 4, 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may disappoint some fans on that front. While 8GB of working memory is certainly sufficient for a smartphone, this Ultra model does reach a specific target group. These people want the best of the best and are willing to pay a lot for it. That you then get 4GB of working memory less than last year, can therefore be quite a disappointment.

1TB the reason?

According to SamMobile, the reason for the change has to do with the fact that there is a new option available for storage capacity. The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is able to offer 1TB of storage capacity, just like last year’s iPhone 13 series. This is ideal, as this year’s smartphones also don’t come with a microSD socket. Chances are, you’ll get more storage capacity in return for the same amount of money.

By the way, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can be upgraded in terms of working memory. According to sources, the smartphone will also get a 12GB and a 16GB RAM option. Though of course, that news should be taken with a grain of salt, as we simply don’t know anything officially yet.

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