Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review 360 degree camera via your iPhone

Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review: 360-degree camera via your iPhone

There is going to come a time when we leave the house at night to go to a good movie, have a nice dinner or do something else. And then you want to leave your house with an easy mind. Locking the door is the basis for this. But with a security camera you are just that little bit more secure. The Floodlight 2K Pro Camera is a product that keeps a perfect eye on everything.

The main advantage of the Floodlight 2K Pro Camera compared to other security cameras is that it has a 360 degree view. This is not much use when you mount it on the wall, but when you hang it near the garage for example, you can see what people do before they come near it and then also when they walk on. These are the points I noticed.

Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review

A hefty lamp

One of the first things you notice when you get started with the Floodlight 2K Pro Camera is that it comes with a hefty lamp. Or rather lamps. There are three of them, which turn on when motion is detected and light up the place in this way. It does this in a decent circle, so you can easily see what’s going on around your house. The lights are also powerful (3,000 lumens) and should ensure that over a distance of 12 meters is lit. At that distance, you won’t be able to see what’s going on there, but up close you’ll always be able to get a good view.

1641306162 128 Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review 360 degree camera via your iPhoneIt gives quite a bit of light (Image: Eufy)

Image quality of the is Floodlight 2K Pro Camera top

And partly thanks to the lights, you’ll actually always get a good image on your iPhone via the handy app. In that respect, this security camera is not very different from its competitors. Thanks to the lamps, it records in colour during the night and you get a good image. With a 2K resolution you obviously don’t have the quality that a 4K camera offers, but in general you see everything really well and there are enough details. So if there is someone with evil plans, it is possible to recognize that person well with this camera.

Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review 360 degree camera via your iPhoneKeep track of everything via your smartphone (Image: Eufy)

360 degrees

Another advantage of the Floodlight 2K Pro Camera is that it is a 360-degree camera. So that way you can hang it somewhere and it can pick up everything around it. When someone enters the area that you have set up in the app, then the camera can follow that person. Also when he is behind the camera. You miss the option of the lights, because they are on the front, but even without that option you can still see what people are doing. So if you have a place where you can hang it to keep an eye on everything (I’m thinking of a veranda or the aforementioned garage roof), then with this one security camera you’re all set.

Stores images locally

I’m a reasonable fan of Arlo’s security cameras. You can use them easily. You only have one drawback: when you want to see images back, you have to take out a Cloud subscription of your own. That’s not the case with the Floodlight 2K Pro Camera. It uses an internal storage of 8 gigabytes. That’s not very much and images are deleted after thirty days. So if you come across something on the camera that is important to you, you should save it somewhere else, because eventually it all disappears again.

You have to have it on power

I have to say that prior to the Floodlight 2K Pro Camera test, I almost only had experience with battery operated cameras. This product, however, requires you to hook it up to power. If you don’t have a power point outside, that means you have to drill and pull cables. This makes it more difficult to actually bring it into your home. The advantage is that you don’t have to replace the battery or charge it indoors. If it hangs, it hangs and you’re done.

1641306163 595 Floodlight 2K Pro Camera Review 360 degree camera via your iPhoneThe camera from the side (Image: Eufy)

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