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Why you really want to give your iPhone, iPad and Mac that new update

Apple has rolled out a new security update for iPhone, iPad and Mac. While these software versions are usually already important, you really want to get these on your devices as soon as possible.

It was briefly mentioned in today’s The Quick Bite, but Apple’s new update is really worth installing on your iPhone, Mac and iPad. The reason: a vulnerability has been found that has already been exploited quite a bit by malicious people.

Apple rolls out update for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Two so-called zero-day vulnerabilities are being addressed by Apple with new updates for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. This is much needed, as it seems that the vulnerabilities have been used significantly by malicious parties. That’s what Clément Lecigne, researcher at Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), found out.

The vulnerabilities affected WebKit, which powers Safari’s open-source framework. Processing Web content in these cases could cause sensitive information from individuals to be extracted. Another consequence was the execution of arbitrary code.

Apple gave iPhone a bizarre role during Scary Fast (and almost no one saw it) (Image: Unsplash)

Although abuse of the vulnerability was mostly among politicians, journalists and dissidents, it is good for all people with an iPhone, iPad or Mac to download a new update.

Here’s how to install the update on your devices

The fix for the vulnerabilities is included in iOS 17.1.2, iPadOS 17.1.2 and macOS Sonoma 14.1.2.

On your iPhone and iPad, install the update by going to Settings and selecting General. There, choose the Software Update option, get the new version and install it. After your Apple device reboots, you’ll be safe.

Those on their Mac who want to kill the vulnerability will have to do so through System Settings. There you choose General and then Software Update. Once downloaded you also restart your Mac and your computer is up to date.

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