Why you shouldnt charge your iPhone 15 in a BMW

Why you shouldn’t charge your iPhone 15 in a BMW for now

If you just bought the iPhone 15 or the 15 Pro, then by all means do not charge the phone in a BMW. This could have fatal consequences for your phone.

The iPhone 15 is a week old. While it is a great device, there are some problems that some users are experiencing. BMW owners in particular need to be careful when charging the device in their cars.

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Problems with iPhone 15

One of the problems some users experience with the iPhone 15 Pro is that the phone can get pretty hot. Not exactly nice to hold it in your hands then. Apple is currently working on an update to address that problem.

By the way, that doesn’t seem to be the only problem Apple is facing. Another mystery surrounding the iPhone 15 is now surfacing, one that affects BMW owners in particular, reports MacRumors.

Don’t charge your phone in a BMW

On the Internet, several iPhone 15 owners are complaining about charging the device wirelessly in their BMW. While charging, the smartphone went into recovery mode without the owners doing anything else with the phone.

That’s not even the worst thing that happened, by the way. After that, users were unable to use Apple Pay on their iPhone 15 Pro. So it seems that wireless charging in a BMW damaged the NFC chip.

Possible cause

Wireless charging creates more heat than cable charging. So if it’s already hot in a car, it can cause even more heat, while the iPhone 15 Pro already has a heat problem. It is possible that this could damage the NFC chip.

It is notable that so far only BMW owners are reporting the problem. OK, this is just speculation, but it’s better to err on the side of caution and just not charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly in a BMW until there’s some more clarity about it.

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