1696333926 Google flights helps you get even cheaper airfare with this

Google flights helps you get even cheaper airfare with this feature

Figuring out when to score the cheapest airline tickets is incredibly difficult. Fortunately, Google Flights is now making it even easier for you thanks to a new feature.

There never seems to be a right time to buy airline tickets. While there are all sorts of theories about when it’s best to do so, it never seems to work for you anyway. Google Flights now makes sure you don’t miss the boat (well, in this case the plane) anymore.

Cheaper tickets with Google Flights

It can be damned hard to find the right tickets for your next air trip. There are so many airlines and with them, so many options. Fortunately, services like Skyscanner and Google Flights make it much easier for you. The latter service now works even better.

Google Flights already has some very handy features for finding the right tickets. You easily filter out which flight suits you best. For example, do you prefer the cheapest option, do you value flight time more, or perhaps you want the route with the least CO2 consumption? It’s all searchable.

Google Flights also has some great features to make sure you never overpay. For example, you can very easily see if the tickets are cheaper or more expensive than usual. In addition, it is also possible to set an alarm, so that you get an e-mail when the price goes up or down.

This is how to book your ticket at the right time

Those features are all useful for getting the best possible price for your ticket, but soon it will get even a little easier. As of now, it’s rolling out a feature that figures out for you when it’s best to book.

Google flights helps you get even cheaper airfare with this.webpThe new feature (Image: Google)

From now on, when searching for a flight, Google Flights will also look at the history of ticket prices. This allows it to indicate for a flight exactly when it is the right time to book. For example, the service may advise you to wait.

Some flights you look up through Google Flights even get a price guarantee badge. With this, the company assures that the price really won’t go lower. However, if it does, you will be refunded the difference via Google Pay. Unfortunately, this feature still only applies to users in the United States, but it may come to our country later.

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