1696417211 Samsung comes up with free alternative to PlayStation Plus and

Samsung comes up with free alternative to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass

After Apple, another party you wouldn’t expect is going to focus on gaming. Namely, Samsung has big plans and is coming up with a free alternative to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

Samsung is in fact working on its own game streaming service. You could compare this to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. However, there are some major differences.

A free alternative to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass.

While Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus focus on the real gamer with big games, this will not be the case with Samsung’s game streaming service. The Korean company is going to focus mainly on mobile games. These can then be found in the Game Launcher app that is already pre-installed on Galaxy phones and tablets.

So actually you can call it mostly Samsung’s answer to Apple Arcade, rather than a real attack on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. Still, it could certainly become a competitor in the future, since possibly consoles will no longer be needed for gaming. You’ll just game in the cloud or via an app. Something you can already do with Xbox Game Pass, by the way.

Still, there is a big advantage over Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus and Apple Arcade. Samsung’s service is completely free. The nice thing is that there are also no advertisements shown while gaming. So you can play undisturbed.

Samsung is making you wait a little longer

According to the Korean Economic Daily, Samsung is going to launch the beta version during The Samsung Developer Conference. This will start on September 5. The service will first come in beta to test everything. If this goes well, then the final version will come to the devices.

Pointless Samsung app turns iPhone into foldable smartphoneSoon to be great for gaming, too. (Image: Samsung)

Still, Samsung’s game streaming service does not stand alone entirely. The company also has its own streaming service of sorts that is completely free. In fact, if you own a television from the brand, you benefit from Samsung TV Plus.

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