According to Apple these are the best apps of 2023

According to Apple, these are the best apps of 2023 for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more

Every year, Apple collects the best apps from the App Store to highlight developers. A great time for us to look at which iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch apps are really worth seeing in 2023.

After we covered the best apps for Android earlier this month, Apple last night announced the finalists of the App Store Awards 2023.

Best iPhone apps of 2023 according to Apple

Apple loves developers. Although it does make them tick off quite a bit of money once they achieve success through the App Store, the American company at least tries to put them in the spotlight. In addition to WWDC, which takes place every June, it also does so with the App Store Awards.

Last night, Apple announced which 40 apps have a chance to win a title in one of ten categories this year. These range from the best iPhone app to the best game found on the Mac.


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The titles were selected because not only are they outstanding and innovative, but they also manage to enrich the App Store on a technical level. “These finalists are incredibly talented and have worked incredibly hard to develop the best apps and games,” Apple’s Phil Schiller announced.

Enough talk. Time to learn about the best apps for your iPhone, iPad and more.

Apple App Store Awards: best apps for iPhone, iPad and more

As mentioned, Apple uses different categories. The App Store is broader than just the iPhone, so it makes sense that the corresponding awards focus on more platforms as well.

Behind each application is the reason Apple gives for its nomination.

Best iPhone apps of the year

AllTrails | Helps the world find its way out.
Duolingo | Brings learning more accessible to people
Flighty | Brings travelers on time and keeps them stress-free at the airport

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Alltrails)

Best iPad apps of the year

Concepts | Provides innovative drawing tools and dynamic color palettes
DaVinci Resolve | Provides a video editor you can take with you wherever you go
Prêt-à-Makeup | Gives beauty fans the ability to bring makeup designs to life.

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Davinci Resolve)

Mac apps of the year

Linearity Curve | Introduces innovative design tools for professionals and aspiring designers
Photomator | Speeds up the process of photo editing by making it simpler
Portal | Brings users into beautiful landscapes and spatial audio

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Photomator)

Best Apple Watch apps of the year

Planny | Innovatively ensures that users complete their tasks
SmartGym | Develops smart and targeted workouts for every skill level
Tide Guide | Gives enthusiasts real-time information on the state of the water

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Planny)

Best Apple TV apps of the year

Bugsnax | Combines mystery and chemistry through its gameplay
FitOn | Offers a range of workout experiences with popular trainers and celebrities
MUBI | Brings cinema quality to your living room

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Bugsnax)

These are the best games of the year

In addition to various apps, the App Store is of course full of games for iPhone, iPad and the Mac. In that area, what are the standouts of the year?

Best iPhone games of the year

Afterplace | Combines a retro RPG (role-playing game) with intuitive controls.
Honkai: Star Rail | Provides a fantasy game in space with cinema-worthy animations
Vampire Survivors | Inspires a new roguelike action genre

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Afterplace)

iPad games of the year

Eggy Party | Whimsical and enjoyable experience for players
Lost in Play | Delivers stunning visuals and gameplay for all ages
Pocket City 2 | Invites players to build from their imagination

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Egg Party)

Best Mac games of the year

ELEX II | Transports players to a dynamic and scientific fantasy world
Lies of P | Delivers smooth gameplay with an alternative twist on a classic story
Return to Monkey Island | Builds on the iconic point-and-click adventure

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Elex II)

Best Apple Arcade games of the year

Cityscapes | Inspires players with a sustainable and purposeful twist
Hello Kitty Island Adventure | Takes players on a great adventure with cute little creatures
stitch. | Brings meditative embroidery art to more users

According to Apple, these are the best iPhone apps and games of 2023 (Image: Cityscapes)

iPhone and iPad apps with cultural impact

In addition to the obvious categories, Apple also picks iPhone apps each year that have a cultural impact.

These apps have a powerful mission and seek new ways to connect humanity and celebrate diversity.

In this regard, the following apps, according to Apple, have made the most impression in the past year:

balance | Makes menopause support more inclusive and accessible
Copilot | Simplifies personal finance
Endling | Inspires players to focus on the impact they have on the environment
Finding Hannah | For connecting women from different generations through gameplay
How to Say Goodbye | Helps users process tough emotions
Pok Pok | Helps children learn, discover and experiment in a digital playroom
Proloquo | For supporting communication without speech
Rebel Girls | Transforms bedtime stories into an introduction to heroic women of history
Too Good To Go | Tackles food waste from supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries
Unpacking | Creates soul-filled puzzles

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