Sonos will come out with completely new product next year

Sonos will come out with completely new product next year: but what is it?

We really only know Sonos for its soundbars and speakers. That should change, as the company is launching a new product next year. But what exactly is it?

Sonos was innovating quite a bit last year. We already saw the Move 2 that we liked very much, and we thought the same about the Era series. That innovation will continue next year, only it’s not a soundbar or speaker.

A new product from Sonos

Sonos itself is still keeping its jaws tightly shut about exactly what product we can expect. The company will only say that it will appear sometime between the end of March and the end of September. This product is part of an industry worth billions a year.

So while it is not yet obvious what kind of product this is, one kind is very obvious. It has every appearance that Sonos is referring to headphones. It would be a very logical move for the company, since it is already focused on audio given its soundbars and speakers.

In addition, there is another hint pointing to headphones. For example, Sonos acquired T2 just last year. This startup is working on a new Bluetooth LE Audio standard that should provide better sound quality with a lower bit rate. This should make the battery life of wireless headphones last longer.

The possible wireless headphones

And that technology is ideal for Sonos to make a difference. Makers of wireless headphones often have to choose between comfort and battery life. The bigger the battery, the more weight the headphones have. So with that new technology, Sonos can make a lighter pair than the competition, or one with more battery life.

Sonos will come out with completely new product next year.webp

Rumors that Sonos wants to develop headphones have been going around for a long time. It makes sense, as it would give it even more to offer in the audio field. In addition, that market has grown considerably recently, which means even more players are focusing on it. For example, even vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has a bizarre one in its lineup.

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