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Rock-hard Elon Musk sees hundreds of Twitter employees leaving for this reason

Elon Musk is at it again. The controversial billionaire is seeing hundreds of employees leave Twitter because they disagree with the vision behind Twitter 2.0. Musk is telling employees that “only exceptional performance” will count as a passing grade from now on. Twitter will be “extremely hardcore” as of this writing.

That extreme hardcore involves employees putting in long hours and working under high pressure. Only then are you worthy in the eyes of Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Last Wednesday, he sent around a Google form asking employees to respond to it by 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Elon Musk sees staff leaving

The question: do you still want to work at Twitter? So hundreds of employees answered “no” to this. They have said goodbye to their colleagues via Slack or Twitter and are receiving severance pay. So Musk seems to be draining Twitter completely. So is this the best way to save money?

Twitter headquarters.Twitter’s headquarters. (Image: Unsplash)

When Elon Musk took over (almost forcibly), he immediately laid off nearly half the workforce. That was more than 7,500 employees at one time. Since then he fired employee after employee. Mainly also people who dare to be critical of the once beloved tech entrepreneur.

Is Twitter coming back from this?

Former Twitter employees reveal in comments that Twitter is at a breaking point. A little longer and there really are too few employees to keep the ship afloat. According to these people, it won’t be long before Twitter collapses and from then on it will be incredibly difficult to recover from that.

Also noteworthy: Elon Musk decided to withdraw badge access and close offices. The man is “terrified that employees want to sabotage the company.” Well, if that scares you, then perhaps you should look in the mirror. There you will probably find the source of this persistent problem.

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