Apple Watch updated These apps you really need to try

Apple Watch updated? These apps you really need to try

Chances are you just updated your Apple Watch for the brand new watchOS 10 interface. Along with all those new features, you can also install some handy apps.

With the new update, you can finally use widgets on your smart watch AND you can take advantage of a bigger screen. There are plenty of apps that have had a refresh specifically for this update.


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Put these handy apps on your Apple Watch now

We think you should definitely check out the apps below. They instantly make your Apple Watch’s new update a lot better.

#1 Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak has updated its Apple Watch app to take advantage of the larger screen. The fitness tracking app allows you to improve your fitness without overtraining or strenuous exercise. The new update includes a new design, cool widgets, better cycling stats and a revamped Go Gentler experience.

Download the app here

#2 MoneyCoach: a budget coach on your Apple Watch?

This smart app is especially for anyone who wants to watch their money a little better. The Apple Watch app helps you manage your money better, so you can save more and spend smartly. WatchOS 10 lets you import data from the Wallet app, among other things, and while you add interactive iOS 17 widgets.

Download the app here

#3 Lumy

Lumy is perfect for people who want to know when the sun rises and sets so they can plan their day properly. Whether it’s the perfect time to take photos, or how much daylight you have on a hike. The Apple Watch app got a new design, and you can pin your favorite “sun moment” for quick access.

Download the app here

#4 Gola

Gola helps you stay on track and easily achieve your goals. It offers six different goal types, which you can achieve through AI-powered advice. The Apple Watch app now includes customizable themes, icons and support for Smart Stack widgets.

Download the app here

#5 Carrot: view the weather forecast on your Apple Watch

Carrot makes it easy and quick to keep an eye on the weather. The Apple Watch app is packed with handy features that can alert you to showers or stormy weather. Carrot features a watchOS 10 redesign with custom data points, more details and the ability to save locations.

Download the app here

#6 Heart Analyzer

This Apple Watch app offers the ultimate insight into your health data. Heart Analyzer knows almost everything about your fitness with help from your heart rate. With the update, the app gets a new look and shows you how your heart beats throughout the day. You can customize the app with new widgets and icons.

Download the app here

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