1695726609 iPhone 15 case has a hidden security feature you havent

iPhone 15 case has a hidden security feature you haven’t seen before

The box the iPhone 15 comes in when you buy it doesn’t seem very special. Yet it contains a hidden security feature that wouldn’t be out of place on other products either.

When you buy the iPhone 15, all your attention is probably immediately focused on the device itself. Yet the box it comes in is also really quite special. Apple has also added an innovation in it, so you’re definitely not buying a cat in the bag.


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The box of the iPhone 15

Of course, you’ve noticed that packaging at Apple has gotten smaller in recent years. This is also the case with the iPhone 15. Apple does this because it is better for the environment, so that, for example, many more devices can fit in a container or on a pallet, thus reducing transportation.
Yet Apple is also adding another innovation in the device’s packaging that we have not seen before. This has nothing to do with durability, but rather protecting your purchase.

Of course, the price of an iPhone 15 is no slouch. So you don’t want to buy a cat in the bag. Consider a fake or a used one. To avoid that, a number of measures have been taken.

Earlier you recognized the tabs you have to pull off the package to open. If these are gone, you know someone has opened it before. You can then ask questions anyway about whether the iPhone 15 hasn’t been used before.

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The boxes of the new iPhone 15 are equipped with a security system that displays holograms under a UV light. This is a measure introduced by Apple to recognize real boxes and prevent people from being scammed pic.twitter.com/oBhQoc5IDI

– Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) September 21, 2023

Even safer

With the iPhone 15, however, another security measure has been added, as X’er Majin Bu shows. The iPhone’s case now has a hologram placed on it that you can only see with UV light. Thus, you can see that the box contains a real one and that it is not a fake.

Still, there are quite a few drawbacks. It seems a matter of time before counterfeiters start counterfeiting this too. In addition, you do need access to UV light. Still, there are other ways you can get an iPhone 15 safely into your home. For example, order it from Apple itself or another well-known store.

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