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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 5 cases for the ideal protection

Have you just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Then you probably want to give it optimal protection. WANT has listed the best cases for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a large and heavy smartphone. If you’re worried about your phone slipping out of your hand, a heavy-duty case is your best choice for full protection. There are plenty of options to choose from, but these cases are your best options.

These cases offer optimal protection for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Some cases seem to be of good quality, but still do not do their job well. Avoid a misbuy and check these high quality cases. All cases are from reputable brands and have been extensively tested by experts.

1. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox has been a loyal supplier of rugged, extremely secure cases for years. The Defender is one of the most popular models. The case comes with a belt clip, which you can also use as a kickstand. Furthermore, the Otterbox Defender features special flaps that protect the outputs of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra against dust particles. The case has a rather coarse design and is not the most beautiful in this list, but it offers protection of the highest quality. Fortunately, you have a few color options to choose from, such as purple, black and blue.

Otterbox Galaxy S22 Ultra Defender Series CaseOtterbox Defender. (Image: Otterbox)

Price: 49.99 euros

Buy the Otterbox Defender here.

2. Aug Monarch: protect your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with five layers

The Monarch is one of the best models from UAG. The case has five layers with improved corners and extra grip long the sides. Despite thick skin, the case feels extremely light. You can still charge the case between its layers on a wireless pad. For the thick material, the case also looks quite nice, but it is difficult to remove when you no longer want to use it. You can choose from different colors and you can change the material of the back cover. The Monarch is one of the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra protectors, but it certainly does not disappoint.

UAG MonarchUAG Monarch. (Image: UAG)

Price: 52.91 euros

You can order the UAG Monarch here.

3. Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor is one of the best protectors from Spigen. The case features a soft layer of TPU, providing optimal drop protection. The sturdy PC casing ensures that your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will not be scratched. Spigens Tough Armor also covers your smartphone’s buttons to minimize damage to them. With the extra protection in the corners, this case is a perfect all-round protector. The Tough Armor has a built-in stand, which is slightly too thin for the rugged case. The case is available in different colors.

Spigen Tough ArmorSpigen Tough Armor. (Image: Spigen)

Price: 52.86 euros

Score your Spigen Tough Armor at this link.

4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Supcase doesn’t make many cases, but the models it does make are right at the top. The rugged Unicorn Beetle Pro is currently one of its best cases. The case has multiple TPU and PC layers and protects your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from drops up to six feet. The UB Pro has everything you would expect from a good case from the thickest casing to a built-in stand. The case stands out from the other cases in its design. The case looks extremely good and is available in many different colors. The value for money does not disappoint either.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle ProSupcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. (Image: Supcase)

Price: 24.99 euros

Buy your Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro here.

5. Poetic Spartan

Are you totally sold after seeing the Supcase Unicorn Beetle? Then the Poetic Spartan is probably also something for you. The case has a similar design with a built-in screen protector with fingerprint scanner. You have to make a few attempts to get the scanner to run completely smoothly, but in the end it works fine. Furthermore, the case offers good protection with reinforced corners and multiple layers of metal and leather. The different color options ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra stands out among the crowd. This case is slightly more expensive than the UB Pro, but also offers more features for optimal protection.

Price: 28.61 euros

You can order the Poetic Spartan here.

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