Black Friday brings master coffee makers Philips deep discounts

Black Friday brings master coffee makers Philips deep discounts

With Black Friday coming up, Bol is going all out with discounts this week. It is putting several appliances on sale, including three mighty coffee makers from Philips.

Where previously on Amazon we came across this promotion around the Ring video doorbell, now it’s time to get a good cup of coffee for a relatively low price. So you can read this Monday morning story about Sam Altman, for example.

Bol gives Philips coffee makers a bargain price for Black Friday

It really doesn’t matter this Black Friday whether you’re looking for an espresso machine or a coffee cup machine. When it comes to coffee makers, there really is a rock-solid offer to score at stores like Bol.

For example, it is currently focusing on Philips coffee makers. Something many a coffee lover can no doubt enjoy.


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Time to get acquainted.

Philips coffee cup machine with Black Friday discount

Those who can really appreciate the pleasure of good coffee, but don’t feel like fiddling with beans, can easily get started with a coffee cup machine. You know, those things that George Clooney seriously enough still advertises.

During Black Friday, Bol is throwing a well-known Philips brand on sale in this area: L’Or. Personally, I don’t own a machine of the brand, but I drink the cups (or at least the stuff that comes out) with love.

Where you usually have to pay 114.99 euros for such a machine, during Black Friday you can buy the LM9012/21 for only 64.99 euros. That’s a 43% discount and thus quite nice.

Bol gives A-brand coffee makers low prices for Black Friday (Image: Philips)

Globe stunts with delicious espresso machine

Those who are not satisfied with coffee cups will have to make do with an espresso machine. And believe me, the true coffee lover is going to enjoy it immensely.

The problem, however, is that such a cannon of a machine, where you make different coffees at different strengths, can really cost quite a bit of money. For example, the LatteGo, a model from Philips that lets you make cappuccinos and lattes, is normally $399.99.

During Black Friday, Bol is throwing 17% off the device, which means you can get one of the tastiest coffee makers from the webshop for 331.49 euros.

Bol gives A-brand coffee makers low prices for Black Friday (Image: Philips)

Black Friday good for 15% off

Of course, if the price of the LatteGo still seems too high to you despite the discount, you can go with a model that is just a class below.

In that regard, the Philips 2200 series is an excellent option for your kitchen. With the option for different types of bakes (espresso, cappuccinos or lattes), this is another excellent option.

Normally Bol makes you pay 287.10 euros for the 2200 series, but during Black Friday it’s party time with a 15% discount. You will then pay only 244.99 euros for the Philips.

Bol gives A-brand coffee makers low prices for Black Friday (Image: Philips)

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