CES 2024 This new AI gadget will make your

CES 2024 | This new AI gadget will make your iPhone or Android device obsolete

On your iPhone or Android, you probably have ChatGPT, Google Bard or Microsoft Co-Pilot installed. For true AI, however, you don’t need your phone, if it’s up to Rabbit.

At CES 2024 you’ll find the biggest tech companies, but just as interesting is watching the presentations of smaller start-ups. Often you’ll see creative ideas there that you haven’t seen anywhere else. Rabbit is one of those companies, and it lets you use AI without Android or iPhone.

And no, you really don’t have to drag a laptop everywhere you go. Rabbit has now created a digital assistant that is much smaller than your iPhone or Android, so you can easily use it anywhere.

AI instead of your iPhone or Android

Rabbit has a different view of the world than most of us. The company doesn’t want people constantly looking at their iPhone or Android screens, which prevents interaction with others. No, it sees much more in an AI assistant.

The Rabbit R1 is a small square box with a bright orange color, co-designed by the well-known Teenage Engineering. On that little box is a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a scroll wheel and a 360-degree rotating camera. Inside is room for two microphones and a speaker.

Introducing r1. Watch the keynote.
Order now: https://t.co/R3sOtVWoJ5 #CES2024 pic.twitter.com/niUmjFvKvE

– rabbit inc (@rabbit_hmi) January 9, 2024

Actually, you can compare the Rabbit R1 to a tamagotchi 2.0 in appearance. However, you don’t have to feed this one so it won’t die. To make the device work, you press the push-to-talk button, then give it commands. Meanwhile, the interface displays a cute little bunny.

These commands can be anything from looking for a recipe to booking a cab. In short, whatever you can do with an iPhone or Android, but in a smaller format. The device runs on RabbitOS. This system performs actions on interfaces instead of apps.

Much cheaper

The Rabbit R1’s camera faces upward by default; only when you ask it to do a task does it turn toward the subject. This is supposed to make it extra privacy-friendly. For example, the camera is used to create a recipe when you ask the AI what you can do with certain ingredients.

The big advantage over an iPhone or Android device is the price. This device costs $199, making it considerably cheaper than high-end smartphones.

We still have to wait a while for the Rabbit R1, as this replacement for your iPhone or Android will be released sometime in March or April. You can already pre-order it, though.

All about CES 2024

CES 2024 is the world’s largest technology trade show. Every year, Las Vegas is transformed into the tech hub of the world, where companies present their latest innovations.

We will be there this year and will keep an eye on the latest developments for you. The official exhibition days have yet to begin, but so far we have already been able to admire the following:

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