Google Maps removes data regarding abortion

Google Maps removes data regarding abortion

With a new feature for Google Maps, the search giant is responding to current events regarding the American situation on abortions. This is a sensitive topic that is nobody’s business but the person who chooses it. The American tech giant says it is careful with this kind of information.

When you visit an abortion clinic in the United States, Google automatically removes that data from your location history. The company announces this via its own blog. This also applies to people who visit other sensitive places, such as shelters for people who have been abused and weight loss clinics.

Google Maps removes data from history

The removal of that information is not immediate. It does, however, quite rap after someone visits such a location. When the system recognizes the location, it immediately deletes the data. Google adjusted this after US judges decided that having an abortion is no longer legal by default in the US.

Google MapsAlways in the right place. (Image: Google)

Should you wish to disable your location history altogether, you can simply set that up as well. Via Google’s website you can read how to do that. Then you don’t have to worry about these things at all. In addition, the company announces that Fitbit will soon receive an important update.

Fitbit data on menstruation

If you use Fitbit to monitor your health and keep track of your period, for example, you will soon be able to delete multiple logs at once. Of course, this is nobody’s business, so it’s good to see that Google is handling this wisely. This kind of information is private and should always remain private.

But updates like this should also prevent people from being sued when they seek help from a clinic, doctor or hospital. Data from your personal (Google) history can be used as evidence in a U.S. court case. And that is the last thing you want to be doing when you are considering an abortion.

Our Dutch system is ramshackle, but not as bad as in America, thank God.

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