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Google Podcasts ends: these are the best podcast apps on Android

2024 will be the year we say goodbye to Google Podcasts. The feature, which has been around since 2018, will disappear from the Play Store. Which podcast app can you count on now as an Android user?

Last year, Google announced in its blog post that its podcast feature is going to stop. In fact, the search giant wants to invest heavily in YouTube Music. The goal is to make YouTube Music an even better app than Google Podcasts.

You can still use the streaming service now. Google expects to discontinue podcasts sometime this year. The search engine is now working on a tool to make the transition to another platform easier.


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Are you going to miss Google Podcasts? Then try these Android alternatives

If you have an Android smartphone, then this is an annoying message. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that are just as good, or even better. We’ve listed a few for you in the list below.

#1 YouTube Music: the replacement for Google Podcasts

If you are a loyal user of Google Podcasts, then YouTube Music is the most logical alternative. In fact, YouTube’s music service will become Google’s new platform for podcasts.

You can find all kinds of interesting topics, from true crime to comedy to self-help. The Android app doesn’t offer exclusive shows yet, and it doesn’t plan to for now. Still, it’s a handy place to listen to all your favorite podcasts and music.

#2 Spotify for Android

Unlike Google Podcasts and YouTube Music, Spotify is investing quite a bit of money in its own podcasts. For example, the famous streaming service has already bought over the rights to The Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy and Armchair Expert, among others. Spotify is even doing some experiments with AI.

Furthermore, you can turn to Spotify for all your other favorite shows. The handy thing about this streaming service is that you can create playlists with your favorite episodes. This way you have all your favorites easily at your fingertips.

Podcasts for Spotify on Android (Image: Spotify)

#3 Podimo

The Danish podcast app Podimo has rapidly taken over much of the Dutch podcast market. For example, popular titles like Geuze & Gorgels, Moordcast and De Zelfspotcast can only be listened to on that platform. But you can also play plenty of foreign shows just like Google podcasts.

The nifty thing about Podimo is, the Android app gives you personalized recommendations based on your listening habits. It’s a smart way to discover new podcasts and enrich your listening experience.

Podimo is the Netflix of podcasts: what can you do with it? (Image: Podimo)

#4 Pocket Casts

This Android app, unlike Google Podcast, is not yet widely used in our country. But that really needs to change. Pocket Casts is actually the best choice if you are looking for a professional podcasting app.

The app has a convenient tile interface, which is tremendously uncluttered. The Android app offers curated content in different categories, allowing you to discover really good podcasts. Pocket Casts also supports useful features such as Smart Speed and Voice Boost.

Pocket Casts for Android (Image: Pocket Casts)

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