Pokemon clone Palworld will play even better thanks to these

Pokémon clone Palworld will play even better thanks to these tips

Palworld, the Pokémon clone with guns, is surprisingly challenging. These tips will help you get ahead.

Pokémon with guns, that’s how the wildly popular game Palworld is better known. The game has only been out for a little while and is already getting tons of criticism (and praise). But that doesn’t make the game any less successful: .

And no matter how angry Nintendo is with the game, people are still playing it in abundance. But what’s the best way to do it? It may look a bit like Pokémon, but the gameplay is drastically different. We give you tips on how to play this survival game full of “Pokémons with guns” better.


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These tips will help you survive better in Pokémon clone Palworld

Are you ready for your game? Then pay attention to these things first.

Eat your Pals

Admit it: sure you’ve fantasized about what a Pokémon would taste like. In Palworld, you can eat your Pals. In fact, it’s vital. Especially in your character’s early days, when food is scarce still.

There are plenty of recipes in the game for you to work with. From grilled Chikipi to Lamball kebabs. It’s only for the best if you don’t get an emotional connection with your Pals.

Daily survival is the priority

There may be more to do in Palworld than there is in Pokémon. So much that it can be a bit overwhelming. When you die in the game, you lose all your stuff. So paying close attention to yourself is vital.

Make sure you eat enough, don’t run blindly into enemies, and build a fire at night to stay warm. But then again, don’t stand too close to the fire….

Pokémon clone Palworld will play even better thanks to these tips (image: Pocketpair)

Collect lol wood

No resource is as useful as wood. Especially at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, the starting area is full of trees begging to be cut down. Then you have enough stuff to build your first base or make a fire. All essentials for those first few days of survival.

It’s only temporary, before you know it you’ll have an army of Pals doing the heavy lifting for you. So put these Pokémon look-a-likes to work.

Be prepared for glitches

As entertaining as Palworld is right now, we have to remember that the game is anything but slick. There is definitely a chance that you will encounter a few glitches. If they are just minor glitches it will all be okay, but nothing is more annoying than losing hours of progress.

Still, real game-breaking bugs or glitches don’t seem to occur in the Pokémon clone. Nor is there much you can do about them. You can only anticipate the fact that here and there the game might not do what you would like it to do.

tips (image: Pocketpair)

A good foundation in Palworld (literally)

The basis for survival in Palworld comes down to … a good base. Often your first base will be near your first Palbox. Look carefully in the mission menu to see what you need to do to further improve your base.

A base is not only useful for protection, especially at night. It is, of course, a top place to store items you collect.

Have a diverse team of Pals

This tip will sound familiar to Pokémon fans. Once with a diverse team, you are more agile and can play more dynamically. Exactly the same goes for Palworld.

Of course, it can be handy to have a number of a certain kind of Pal. Especially since certain Pals are very useful for certain tasks. Still, it’s not wrong to have a few different ones on hand. You never know what you will need them for.

Pokémon clone Palworld will play even better thanks to these tips (image: Pocketpair)

Still doubting Palworld? Read about the game’s immense popularity here:

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