When will the e step really be legal in the Netherlands

Just to be clear, is this electric scooter now legal in the Netherlands or not?

The Netherlands is just not really a fan of them. At least, the people who run our country anyway. Because while those scooters are pretty dope, they’re not always allowed on the road. Or are they?

Unlike many countries around us, the electric scooter has long been banned in the Netherlands. This has now changed slightly, with a few strict rules.

Are you allowed to use an electric scooter in the Netherlands?

Yes and no. The good news is that an electric scooter is allowed on the road as soon as it is approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterways and the RWD. The bad news is just that many e-steps are not currently approved. Therefore, you are not allowed to ride them.

If you do go out with a rejected, or non-approved, electric scooter, you run the risk of a 280 euro fine. If you get caught, chances are your e-scooter will be confiscated. There are quite a few riders who are screwed. Between 2019 and 2021, for example, the number of fines increased fivefold, from 68 to 349 (!).

Rules for the e-step

It’s heartening when you’re allowed to use your electric scooter. But there are a few rules attached to it. If you do not have one or more of these points in order, you still run the risk of a fine. We list the most important ones for you below.

You are 16 years of age or older.
You don’t need a driver’s license.
You don’t need to apply for a license plate.
You do not need to wear a helmet.
You must insure the electric scooter for third-party liability.
You put the insurer’s sticker on the e-scooter.
You must ride on the bike path or bike/moped path.
You use the roadway if there is no bicycle path or bicycle/moped path.
You must ride on the right whenever possible.
You must not ride on the sidewalk.
You must not hold or use electronic devices.

What about the pedal-assisted e-step?

An exception to this legislation is the pedal-assisted e-scooter. These scooters are not fully electric, but provide light assistance while scooting. The government treats this type of vehicle similarly to electric bicycles.

Steps with pedal assistance are allowed on the road as long as they do not go faster than 25 kilometers per hour. And the auxiliary motor has a maximum power of 250 watts.

Curious about an electric scooter that is legal in the Netherlands? We have one for you in the article below:

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