Insane electric bike features handy glove box just like your

Insane electric bike features handy glove box just like your car

An electric bike is a wonderful mode of transportation, but not ideal if you need to carry a lot of stuff. That’s about to change. A brand new e-bike has quite a bit of extra storage space.

Giant Group has unveiled an electric bike with throttle control for the first time. This bike, called the Momentum Cito E+, is intended for street use, commuting and other daily rides. It also has convenient extras, such as a glove box for luggage.

An electric bike with a throttle?

Electric bikes with a throttle lever work a little differently than you’re probably used to. An e-bike with a throttle lever allows you to engage the motor without pedaling. It works pretty much the same as a moped. These bikes are very popular in North America. Especially among companies that transport a lot of heavy loads by bicycle.

The Momentum Cito E+ is specially designed for everyday use and targets people who are used to the convenience of a throttle. It makes the electric bike easy and quick to operate. But that’s not the only thing that makes this bike so great.

Momentum Cito E+Cycling with a smile. (Image: Giant Group)

More storage space

The Momentum Cito E+’s 750 W motor is enormously powerful and the battery lasts a long time. Exactly how far you can ride depends on the mode you choose. And whether you pedal yourself or use the throttle. In ECO mode, for example, you can ride up to 120 kilometers. But if you use POWER mode with the throttle, the range is about 40 kilometers.

The electric bike also offers some fine extras. Think hydraulic disc brakes, a smooth gearbox, a special chain for e-bikes, a bright headlight and turn signals.

The best part of the e-bike is found in the top tube. Inside this stem is a glovebox, where you can store valuables. If you need even more storage space, you can also buy a bike basket with the electric bike.

Momentum Cito E+ top tubeA storage cabinet (Image: Giant Group)

Can we buy it already?

The electric bike is already available in the United States. Fans will have to pay $3,200 (2,943 euros) for the e-bike. Although that price is slightly higher than most low-cost e-bikes, it is still quite affordable and comparable to other Giant Group e-bikes.

Here in the Netherlands, the e-bike is not yet available. If and when the two-wheeler will come to us is unknown at the time of writing. Fortunately, there are plenty of other electric bikes to choose from right now. For example, here you can read what the best models of the year are according to the ANWB:

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