Lawnmower maker Husqvarna comes out with intense electric bike

‘Lawnmower maker’ Husqvarna comes out with intense electric bike

Husqvarna is best known for its lawnmowers and other garden tools. It also makes dirt bikes. Now it is adding an intense electric bike.

If you have an electric lawnmower for your beautiful green lawn, there’s a good chance it’s from Husqvarna. The brand has been building garden tractors, chainsaws and all sorts of other essential garden tools for years.

Yet the brand does more and also has a number of motorcycles. The brand has even competed in the Dakar Rally a few times. To the list of stuff can now be added an electric bike.

Electric bikes from Husqvarna

Yet the story is slightly different. Garden tools and motorcycles used to both fall under the Swedish company Husqvarna. However, the companies split up. They may both be called the same thing, but they are different makers. You could compare it a bit to Philips, where the Hue bulbs are made by a different company than the Ambilight TV.

OK, so much for talking about the Husqvarna brand, back to the electric bike. Because that’s one we’re pretty well allowed to talk about, given some impressive specifications. Well, actually there are three models: the Grand Panther 4, 5 and 6.

Lawnmower maker Husqvarna comes out with intense electric bike (Image: Husqvarna)

Let’s start with the Grand Panther 4, the “least” model if you can call it that. It has a Yamaha PW-S2 that is good for 75 Nm. With this power, you can choose from 11 different gears supported by the Tektro RD-m550 derailleur. The battery of the electric bike is good for 630 Wh.

The top models

On to Husqvarna’s two top models. These are the Grand Panther 5 and 6 and these actually make catty leaps in terms of specifications. The engine is considerably better, as you get support from the Yamaha PW-X3. This one is good for 85 Nm. In addition, both electric bikes have a 720 Wh battery.

The big difference between the two models are the gears. The 6 has a Shimano Deore XT groupset, while the 5 has an SRAM NX Eagle Equivalent. Both have 12 gears, by the way.

In addition, the Grand Panther 5 and 6 have different front forks, so the 5 absorbs shocks just a bit better.


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That leaves only the price of the different models. Each one takes a step of 500 euros. The Husqvarna Grand Panther 4 costs 3,999 euros, the 5 4,499 euros and the 6 4,999 euros.

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