First foldable iPhone is a reality but its not coming.webp

Samsung may be the reason you’re not getting that foldable iPhone for now

While Apple is already not the fastest with its foldable iPhone, problems with the display are likely to make it take even longer. Only what does Samsung have to do with that?

The foldable iPhone, it will really be some years before we get our hands on one. While we previously discovered that Apple is prioritizing the iPad in this form, it is the company’s smartphone that is now running into problems.

At least, if the latest rumors are to be believed. Via MacRumors, we come across Fixed Focus Digital’s story on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform much like X. Is Samsung throwing a spanner in the works?

Foldable iPhone is delayed

A rumor about the foldable iPhone has been around for a while, but it is not surprising. In all likelihood, the project is temporarily on hold as Samsung runs into problems with the display. Although we do need quite a few grains of salt for this story.

Samsung Display is most likely the party producing the display for the foldable iPhone. A logical choice, since the South Korean company itself has its own models with the technology incorporated in them as well as also makes the screens for that bruisingly delicious OnePlus Open, for example. In other words, South Korea knows what it’s doing.

iPhone Fold already immensely popular before it appears at all, wwdcA concept of a foldable iPhone. (Image: ConceptsiPhone)

Whatever the reason, somehow the display it makes for the foldable iPhone just doesn’t pass the test. Whether that has to do with Apple’s high standards or the display itself is just particularly complex, however, we don’t know.

Indeed, perhaps it’s a combination of both that makes us wait a long time.

Why is Samsung making screens for Apple?

Isn’t it a little crazy that Samsung is producing the screens for the foldable iPhone? While that thought is quite understandable, that answer is actually “no.

The reason is that Samsung is particularly good at developing displays and thus does so for a lot of different parties.


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So even as that OnePlus Open features a Samsung display, Apple has also been leaning on the technology for a few years.

While there is always debate whether there is no better party, Apple has chosen South Korea’s displays for the iPhone 15 as well. So very strange is not the choice.

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