Sonos opens attack on Apple with alternatives AirPods Max and

Sonos opens attack on Apple with alternatives AirPods Max and Apple TV

Until now, Sonos was mainly a complement to your Apple products, but the company now seems to think otherwise. It is now going to compete Apple with new products.

Sonos may be the best addition to your smart home when it comes to audio if you’re in the Apple ecosystem. Its products work well with your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Now, however, it wants to compete even more with Apple in terms of new products.


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Sonos enters battle with Apple

To immediately dispel a question: no, Sonos is not going to release a smartphone. The company is simply sticking to products that are in line with its current offerings. In fact, it is working on headphones and a media box.

And let those be precisely the products Apple is also focusing on. It already has high-end headphones with the AirPods Max, and with Apple TV it also already has a streaming device.

It makes sense for Sonos to make an exit, since its 2023 financial numbers didn’t really impress very much. To still make more sales, it is interesting for the company to focus on new markets.

The new products

According to Bloomberg’s well-informed Mark Gurman, Sonos headphones will be the first to hit the market. It should appear sometime from April 2024 and will cost around $400. That puts it in the higher end of the market, but at that price it is still considerably cheaper than Apple. With Sonos’ good name in audio, this could very well be a success.

Apple addresses major Apple TV 4K problem after monthsThe Apple TV. (Image: Brandon Romanchuk / Unsplash)

But that’s not all, because the company also wants to make a media box. In other words, a competitor to the Apple TV and the Chromecast. This will not appear until the second half of 2024. In turn, that price will be a bit higher than the Apple TV, as it should be between $140 and $200, according to Gurman.

Sonos seems to be doing an entire revamp. In 2023, the Era 100 and Era 300 came out as successors to the Sonos One. The smart speakers should make you forget about Apple’s HomePod. In addition, a new version of the Move also already came on the market.

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