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Spotify Wrapped concept conquers iPhone with popular app (but…)

There is a new app for iPhone that is hugely popular right now. It’s basically Spotify Wrapped, but for Instagram. The appropriate name of this app is “Wrapped.”

Wrapped is currently the most popular app for the iPhone, and for good reason: we love lists. Whether it’s the Top 2000 or the Netflix Top 10. One of the most fun annual lists is undoubtedly the Spotify Wrapped list. And now there is an alternative with the same name: Wrapped.


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Spotify Wrapped for Instagram

As you scroll through your Instagram feed at the end of the year, you’re bound to come across Spotify Wrapped lists. We like to show our friends and family that we have great music taste (and of course they don’t).

Spotify Wrapped allows you to view different lists in the app at the end of the year and easily share them on Instagram and Facebook. These lists include information such as which artist you listened to the most, what your favorite style of music is and how much time you spent listening to podcasts. Of course, Freakin’ Nerds has to be at the top of that last category.

Now there’s a new version of Wrapped, but this one is different from what you’re used to. It has nothing to do with your favorite artists, but everything to do with your Instagram activity. Wrapped presents the statistics of your Instagram profile in a special way.

For example, Wrapped shows you how much time you spent on Instagram in 2023. I tried it myself to test it, and the numbers shown were not very accurate. This raises questions about the accuracy of the other information the app displays.

Dangerous Spotify Wrapped concept conquers iPhone worldwide (Image: Wrapped Labs)

Be careful with this iPhone app

Wrapped shows even more remarkable statistics, however. For example, you can see how many people have taken a screenshot of your profile and how many people have blocked you on the social medium.

Like Spotify, you can easily share these Wrapped lists on your Instagram account. But the main question is whether you really want this. After all, you have to give the app access to your Instagram account, and most likely Wrapped collects much more data than just these stats. This is different from Spotify, which simply organizes your own data. After all, Wrapped is an external third party.

Moreover, there is something strange about this app. There is hardly any information about the app’s developer on the Internet. For example, if you search for “Wrapped Labs,” you will find nothing at all online. Moreover, the app is only available in the App Store and not on Android.

People additionally claim on platforms such as TikTok and Reddit that they were unable to access their Instagram account after using this app. While this has not been officially confirmed anywhere, caution is advised. If you are concerned that someone could use your data to log in, it is wise to set up two-step verification. This prevents anyone from simply logging into your account because you can only add devices via a code that you can only see on your phone.

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