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The Hangover | This was the biggest news of the past weekend

Apple works behind the scenes on even more USB-C, Fortnite gets competition from itself and Tesla comes up with an iPhone feature for its electric cars. This is the Hangover of Monday, December 11, 2023.

Welcome to The Hangover, our weekly column where we give you a quick update on the weekend on Monday morning. Think of it as a cup at the coffee machine, but with your friends from WANT.

In this article, we briefly update you on some of the things that happened last weekend. Interested in reading the whole story behind it? That’s also possible, as we’ve also detailed them in more detail so you can find out all about it. Something for everyone, in other words.

Apple working on USB-C for Mac accessories

When Apple gives its Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse that USB-C connector (Image: Luca Bravo)

While Apple has now equipped its AirPods, iPhones and iPads all with USB-C, the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse still lag behind. When will that change?

So several Mac accessories still come with a Lightning connector. While it makes sense for Apple to have trouble with the Magic Mouse, since that dramatic spot for a charging port is still to cry over, we would have expected a little more from the rest anyway.

Fortunately, according to Instant Digital (via 9to5Mac), things will finally change in 2024. Surely by spring of next year, all Mac accessories should have made the move to USB-C. And we can’t wait.

iPhone feature Tesla is the example

Electric car: these 7 are all but worth their expensive priceElectric is the future (Image: Aditya Chinchure)

Tesla has taken a good look at Apple and is coming up with an iPhone-like feature for its fleet of cars. Something every electric car should take inspiration from as far as we are concerned.

With Accident Detection, since last year your iPhone calls emergency services the moment it detects an accident. Something that Tesla, as far as we are concerned, is completely justified in taking inspiration from. The Holiday Update, available this week, rolls out the feature.

In Tesla’s electric car, of course, things work just a little bit differently. In this case, emergency services will be called as soon as the airbag deploys.

Battle Royale mode gets competition in Fornite

Beloved Battle Royale mode gets a hit from LEGO in Fortnite (Image: Erik McLean)

The number of gamers playing the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite is lower than the number having fun with LEGO Fortnite. This is further proof that the crossover between the two brands has enormous potential.

Earlier this month, Fortnite introduced its partnership with LEGO. The game from Epic Games itself features a separate gameplay similar to Minecraft. As a player, you have to survive, collect and build.

Where you normally have to go wild in defeating other players, this LEGO mode does things a little differently. It leans mainly on cooperation. Something that, since its launch on Dec. 7, is proving to be a successful formula.

Fitbit-killer Samsung appears to be on its way

Fitbit-killer Samsung (Image: Samsung)

Those planning to ditch a fitness tracker from Fitbit for a model from Samsung may want to hold off on the purchase. A new model appears to be on the way.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, the South Korean company’s new Fitbit competitor, is on the way. Officially, however, it has not yet been confirmed, but Android Authority is almost certain.

Indeed, the Galaxy Fit 3 name has surfaced in Bluetooth SIG’s database. This is the place where all devices with Bluetooth functionality must be registered.

Apple kicks iMessage off Android

apple watch Tim Cook, Apple, Telegram, iPhone 15, USB-C, Android, iMessageWho is happy though. (Image: Chris Tuite / AFP)

For a while, Beeper Mini seemed to be the way to get iMessage on Android. Apple, however, was not so happy about it and struck back. With success.

A few days after Beeper openly proudly shared that Android users had a way to send blue bubbles, the server encountered serious problems, rendering the service unusable.

About 24 hours later, what many users were already thinking became clear: Apple itself pulled the plug on the iMessage alternative and even came out with a statement.

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