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The Day Before: much-discussed game so bad that studio shuts down immediately

We at WANT have seen some bad games come along over the years, but we’ve never seen anything as bad as The Day Before.

After only four days, studio Fntastic has been so crushed that it is closing its doors effective immediately. The Day Before is a much talked about MMO that many gamers were eagerly looking forward to. However, the final result is so disappointing that Steam, the well-known gaming platform, is giving gamers their money back.

What exactly is going on and how can you make sure Steam gives you your money back? I’ll take you through the crazy story of The Day Before.

The Day Before: much talked about MMO fails rock hard

The Day Before is perhaps one of the most talked about, unknown games of 2023. Not surprisingly, as developer Fntastic gave gamers a fantastic prospect with the title. Only when the game actually released on Dec. 7, little of that remained.

Although the game, which was available for PC, was full of bugs and server problems, it was mainly the disappointing concept that killed the game. Where a true open-world MMO in an apocalyptic world was promised, gamers soon found out that it was purely an extraction shooter.

That combination caught gamers worldwide completely off guard. There were over 20,000 people who already owned the game because they were so positive beforehand, and all of them have since left negative comments on Steam.

Studio behind The Day Before closes doors

It’s costing developer Fntastic dearly, because just four days after The Day Before was released, the studio is closing its doors. The reason: financially, the game is a flop and the studio has no reserves to continue.

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Official statement. #fntastic #thedaybefore #propnight

– Fntastic (@FntasticHQ) December 11, 2023

Under the message, which appeared on X, over 9500 people expressed their displeasure. They are demanding compensation from the studio which, in their opinion, is throwing in the towel too soon. The sentence “all income will be used to pay off debts to our partners,” is the problem in that regard. And we understand that all too well.

Fortunately for gamers, the money spent on The Day Before lies not with the developer, but with publisher Mytona and Steam. The two parties are joining forces to give people, regardless of how long they played, their money back.

Fntastic opened its doors in 2015 and over time released titles such as The Wild Eight, Dead Dozen and thus The Day Before.

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– Mytona (@mytona_official) December 11, 2023

Steam gives gamers their money back

Steam is making it possible for gamers to get back the money spent on The Day Before. While you normally shouldn’t have played a game for more than two hours to actually make use of it, Steam seems to be abandoning that rule for a while.

Would you also like to see a refund from Steam? You can do so through the following steps:

Go to this website
Log in with your Steam account
Select the purchases option
Choose The Day Before
State the problem with the game
Let us know you want a refund
Complete the entire form
Eventually you will receive confirmation that your request has been submitted

Keep in mind that this is a request and the refund is not directly settled at that time.

Steam will let you know later if this is the case or not.

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