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The Quick Hap: Samsung’s cheap smartphone, Cybertruck in the water (and more)

It’s Tuesday morning. Before you fly out the door, there’s just time for a quick snack. Today this consists of an affordable Samsung AMOLED smartphone, a Tesla Cybertruck in the water and a free Assassin’s Creed game.

The Quick Bite is a short news summary from WANT in which we quickly update you on all the technology and pop culture news that came out late last night or last night. A delicious way to start your day up-to-date.

Cheap Samsung smartphone sows confusion

Apparently Samsung has announced its new Galaxy A15, but few people will have noticed. The editors of 9to5Google have discovered that Walmart is now selling the Android smartphone. Otherwise, we never would have known.

However, the smartphone does stand out for the fact that it has an AMOLED display. Something that for a retail price of $150 is quite impressive.

The Quick Hap: Samsung equips cheap smartphone with flagship feature (and more) (Image: Walmart)

The crazy thing about the whole story, however, is that Walmart and Samsung do not share this in the specifications. In fact, the reference to AMOLED can only be seen in a photo of the smartphone’s packaging.

A strange story, don’t you think?

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in … the sea?

A Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico. The images are circulating on Reddit and surfaced (haha) after Elon Musk claimed his company’s pickup could float.

Musk has said similar things before about his electric cars and how they could also serve as boats. However, the Tesla CEO’s words were never really taken seriously. The reason: your warranty expires the moment you drive the EV into the water.

But that doesn’t stop the company itself from christening the Cybertruck.

The Quick Bite: Samsung equips low-cost smartphone with flagship feature (and more) (Image: Reddit)

Avengers: Secret Wars begins to take shape

That the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is flying like crazy right now to Avengers: Secret Wars, we already knew. Both the good and the bad that Marvel currently has to offer will come together in a wacky finale consisting of Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

However, there is now some hopeful news from the corridors. It has been claimed that Spider-Man 4, Deadpool 3, Shang-Chi 2 and the Fantastic Four are all contributing heavily toward Secret Wars. And that gives us, even if only a little, hope.

Sunbird discontinues iMessage for Android

After joining forces with Nothing to bring iMessage to Android, Sunbird appears to be putting a stop to what it is doing for now. The company received quite a magnifying glass as a result of the partnership and didn’t come out of it quite right.

During that investigation, they found out that there are quite a few concerns once Sunbird’s security is looked at. As a result, Nothing pulled its Chats app from the Google Play Store after only 24 hours; Sunbird is now following suit.


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Mighty Assassin’s Creed game now free to play

Just a quick note: Those who feel like playing a mighty Assassin’s Creed game can do so for free on PC until December 6.

Through the Ubisoft Connect Launcher, it is possible to download and play Syndicate, one of the better titles in the franchise, for free. Just sayin’.

YouTube is also going to burn its fingers on games

YouTube, like Netflix, is going to burn its fingers on gaming. The video platform is bringing small titles to its Premium subscribers at no extra cost.

Google’s platform doesn’t call the beast by its name, however, and titles the games “Playables.” In September, YouTube did the first test of the games; last week, the first subscribers received notification of their arrival.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Great to see Phaser games as YouTube Playables. Worked flawlessly, nice integration (only tested on desktop) pic.twitter.com/hzuNHgWmV5

– threads.net/@photonstorming (@photonstorm) November 27, 2023

“Playables” currently gives Premium users access to an offering consisting of 37 mini-games. No need to download or install them, as you just play them on the platform.

Meta illegally collected data from children

Having already been taken to task for personalized ads, Meta is now getting into considerable trouble in the United States as well.

In dozens of US states, the company behind Instagram and Facebook is accused of illegally collecting data from children under 13.

Earlier it got into trouble for allegedly causing psychological harm to children, but now it’s purely about violating privacy. Which, in case you don’t already know, is really not okay with children under 13.

Facebook has an AI dating coach but don't ask it for tips (Image: EPA/Shawn Thew)

Bungie officially delays Destiny 2 expansion

Those anxiously awaiting The Final Shape, Destiny 2’s long-awaited expansion, will have to be patient for much longer. Bungie announced that the expansion will be delayed to June 4, 2024.

In a video, Joel Backburn, Game Director at Bungie, explains the situation after months of rumors that The Final Shape would not be coming for the time being. In the meantime, many employees who were involved in the project have been laid off at Bungie.

To bring the story to a proper conclusion, The Final Shape was created. The expansion was actually supposed to be released in February.

NBA 2K24 developer Take Two sued for microtransactions

Developer Take Two Interactive has been charged with theft in a lawsuit over microtransactions. This is not only about NBA2K, but so are the rest of its popular sports games.

Take Two is being sued by a 17-year-old teenager, joined by his mother. It focuses on the company’s virtual money with which you can buy stuff in NBA 2K and the fact that this money cannot be taken to a newer version of the game.

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