This electric bike is made especially for and by women

This electric bike is made especially for and by women

The world of EVs is male-dominated. Therefore, the industry could use some female input. This company is doing just that with a new electric bike specifically for ladies.

Electric bikes have never been more popular. But with companies offering “one size” e-bikes, women and smaller riders are often left out. That’s why Integral Electrics started designing e-bikes that better fit female riders.


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This is how the electric bike for women came about

At the world’s largest bicycle trade show, the Taipei Cycle Show, Integral Electrics CEO and co-founder Laura Belmar met thousands of people in the bicycle industry. But she noticed that few women were buying bikes or representing brands. She realized that the bicycle industry is approached primarily from a male perspective and that there is a need for more accessibility.

So she and the Integral Electrics team designed the Maven Cargo electric bike as “a vehicle designed for AND by women. The vehicle offers an exceptional riding experience for everyone. Breaking free from an industry traditionally geared toward men.

Integral Electrics Maven Cargo e-bikeThe new e-bike (Image: Integral Electrics)

What’s so special about the Maven Cargo?

With this electric bike, careful thought has been given to people of different heights. You can adjust the saddle and handlebars to make it comfortable for both tall and short people. The bike is made for people between 152 and 200 centimeters. With a special seat post, you can further adjust the saddle and change the height. The handlebars are also adjustable so that each rider can choose the right height and distance.

The bike’s center of gravity is deliberately placed low, so the electric bike rides stably and comfortably. Even for people of shorter height. Of course, there are plenty of other bikes with a lower center of gravity. But the Maven Cargo goes the extra mile with some cool features.

The electric bike has two batteries that allow you to ride 130 kilometers on one charge. The 750W motor lets you pedal easily or ride with a hand throttle. The bike also has a large headlight and taillight so that other road users can see you clearly. And the turn signals allow you to clearly indicate which way you are going. The hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop quickly and safely.

The electric bike is currently being sold through a crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order the e-bike for women within Europe. Hopefully that will change soon.

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