This new AI feature from Apple Music is really perfect

This new AI feature from Apple Music is really perfect

As of this week, Apple Music has a brand new feature that runs entirely on AI. Thanks to Heavy Rotation Mix, you always have your favorite songs on hand.

Most people still stream music with Spotify. But Apple Music is trying tremendously hard to match the Swedish streaming service. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you would prefer Apple Music over Spotify.

This new feature is a good example. According to Apple Music, the Heavy Rotation Mix lets you listen to “The songs you can’t get enough of lately. “All that in one playlist, which is updated daily.

Apple Music’s new AI feature

You can find Apple Music’s Heavy Rotation Mix on the Home screen (for iOS 17.4 or newer) or the Listen Now tab (for iOS 17.3 or older). Once you tap the tab, you’ll see an AI-based list of up to 25 of your most-listened-to songs.

Apple Music’s handy feature is somewhat similar to the On Repeat playlist you know from Spotify. That’s also a list that shows your favorite songs of the moment.

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Another L for Spotify users, but a huge WIN for us Apple Music girlies 🫡

– FAGITTARIUS. (@ElFagittarius) February 29, 2024

The nice thing about the Heavy Rotation Mix is that the list always surprises you because you don’t know exactly which songs you listen to the most. It’s a nice mix to always have on hand when you’re not quite sure what music you want to listen to.

The AI playlist is wonderful to use with other features of Apple’s streaming service. For example, with SharePlay, so all your friends can join the listening session. That way, you can build an epic party with the help of Apple Music.

Monthly overview of your listening habits.

Apple is taking on Spotify by launching its own version of Spotify Wrapped. Spotify’s feature in which you get an annual overview of all your favorite songs and artists.

Apple Music’s new feature only has one difference: you don’t get the overview annually, but every month. Subscribers can now see each month how many minutes they listened to which songs, who their favorite artist was and which album they streamed the most.

What you need to do to check your stats we are happy to explain for you in this article:

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