Todays best digital notebooks reMarkable and more

Today’s best digital notebooks: reMarkable and more

A digital notepad allows you to make scribbles easily and anywhere. There are a huge number of handy options on the Internet, such as reMarkable’s e-notebooks. We list the best ones for you.

A digital notepad is a convenient purchase for people who prefer the look and feel of an e-paper display. It offers a more paper-like writing experience and minimizes distractions since you usually can’t scroll the Internet.

While E-notebooks do not offer the same functionality as regular tablets, they are perfect for people looking for a device without too many distractions.

Today’s best digital notebooks

We’ve pulled together our favorite digital notebooks for. There is a suitable option for every user. Hopefully there is something for you among them.

#1 reMarkable 2: best option overall

The reMarkable 2 is not necessarily a groundbreaking or very interesting gadget. But the digital notepad does offer a perfect mix of all the features you need. The gadget has a beautiful design and a 10.3-inch monochrome screen.

It’s perfect for writing and reading without lag. And with the “Read with reMarkable” extension for Google Chrome, you can easily send articles you find online directly to your reMarkable 2.

reMarkable 2Notable this (Image: reMarkable)

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#2 Boox Note Air 2 Plus: best digital notebook for Android

This digital notepad is ideal for use with an Android smartphone. This is because the Boox Note Air 2 Plus is an E Ink Android tablet with a 10.3-inch display. You can download Android apps from the Google Play Store and even use a web browser.

Although E Ink displays are best for reading and writing, you can also watch videos with the Note Air 2 Plus. The Note Air 2 Plus is the most versatile option on this list because you can also manually transfer documents from your computer. It’s a great option if you get reading material from different places.

Boox Note Air 2 PlusThe Boox Note Air 2 Plus (Image: Boox)

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#3 Huion Kamvas 13: a drawing tablet for creatives

If you are looking for a notepad that you can be creative with, then the Huion Kamvas 13 is your best option. This is not actually a digital notepad, but a drawing tablet. The gadget has a battery-free pen with 8192 pressure levels and tilt sensitivity, allowing you to draw very precisely, just like with a pencil on paper.

The ips panel allows you to see true colors from every angle. And the additional hotkeys make it easy to use additional functions to design more efficiently. The 13-inch screen has a 1920×1080 resolution, so you can see every detail of your drawings.

Huion Kamvas 13Huion Kamvas 13 (Image: Huion)

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#4 Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook: writing with pen and paper

If you still prefer writing with pen and paper, but want to store notes digitally, then you should try the Core Smart Notebook. It is a reusable digital notebook with smart technology, perfect for students, teachers, businesses and professionals.

With the gadget, you can just write notes like you’re used to. After writing, you can use the Rocketbook app to scan your normal notes. Then you erase the written text with a damp cloth. You can safely store your notes in the cloud and share them easily.

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