When will the e step really be legal in the Netherlands

When will the e-step really be legal in the Netherlands?

If you have ever been to Belgium, you know that the e-step (or electric scooter) is part of the street scene there. This is not the case in the Netherlands, as there are very strict rules that make almost every single one prohibited. But which electric scooters are allowed in our country?

The Dutch government has strict rules when it comes to the e-step. The two-wheeler is only allowed on the road if it is actually approved. Just that is a pretty difficult task, as many rules must be met.

Are you allowed to ride an e-step in the Netherlands?

According to Dutch law, an e-step belongs to the special mopeds. That category includes, for example, not only the small two-wheeler, but also the Segway.

Vehicles in this category are often innovative, light and slow and have specific features. They cannot exceed 25 kilometers per hour, have a combustion engine of up to 50 cm³ or an electric motor of 4 kW and are not pedal-assisted electric bicycles or mopeds.

Many e-steps are not allowed on the road. This is because of the strict rules. If you do, the police can fine you. However, there is a certain category of e-step that is allowed on the streets. These have what is called pedal assistance.

With this e-step, you have to actually pedal yourself at times. However, because of the auxiliary motor and support you go faster. This motor has a maximum power of 250 watts and may never go faster than 25 kilometers per hour. In addition, the electric scooter must have handlebars, lights and red and white/yellow reflectors. In addition, an insurance plate and/or sticker is also required.

This is the first electric scooter in the Netherlands that is completely legalStepping through the polder. (Image: Pro-mounts)

Additional rules

However, there are some additional rules. If you want to ride an e-step, you must be at least 16 years old. You are not allowed on the sidewalk and must stay on the bike lane and ride on the right as much as possible. You then also use the roadway if there is no bike lane.

Of course, drivers of e-steps are also subject to a few standard rules that also apply to electric bike owners, for example. For example, you are not allowed on the road if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or some medications. In addition, you are also not allowed to hold an electrical device such as a phone or music player on the vehicle.

So if you comply with all this, then you are allowed on the road. Still, it is quite difficult to find a legal electric scooter in our country, because most of them do not allow you to scoot yourself. The model below, however, is legal.

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