Spotify to introduce significantly more expensive Supremium subscription

Spotify to introduce significantly more expensive ‘Supremium’ subscription

Is Spotify your streaming service? Then you’ll soon be able to enjoy even more features. However, that comes with a hefty price tag.

Spotify has been trying to build higher music quality into the app for years, and now it finally seems to be coming. Still, you’ll probably have to pay quite a bit more for that. That’s while Apple Music is about the same price as the streaming service’s premium subscription, but already delivers higher quality.

Spotify’s plans

Both Apple Music and Spotify both have pluses and minuses. While Apple Music delivers the best music quality, Spotify’s algorithm and clarity is better. It now wants to do something about the music quality and so it will come “Supremium” and thus no Spotify HiFi (that name was going around earlier).

So reports the usually well-informed Chris Messina on Threads. With the new subscription you get even more features. He lists them:

Your own Sound Capsule
Advanced features to build your playlist (BPM, vibe, feel, activity and genres)
AI to create a playlist
Listening statistics about yourself
20 to 30 hours per month access to audiobooks
24-bit lossless audio

As you can see, in addition to better music quality, you get a number of other features in Spotify as well. So with this you get an even more personalized experience.

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Substantially more expensive

Still, as mentioned, there is a major drawback to the new service and that is the price. Currently, a Spotify Premium subscription costs 10.99 euros per month. In the United States, it is $10.99. According to Messina, Spotify Supremium is going to cost $19.99, which therefore makes it likely that in the Netherlands it will have a price tag of 19.99 euros per month. A hefty sum for these extra features.

When the launch of this subscription will come is still unknown. It is expected to be at least before the end of the year.

Earlier this week, Spotify came out with good news for Premium users. The company announced that they will be allowed to listen to audiobooks for 15 hours per month. Unfortunately, there is a but to this, as this feature is still only available in the United Kingdom and Australia. Later this year it will also come to the United States. When we will get this feature in the Netherlands is not known.

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