Why you should watch out for Action and Lidl products

Why you should watch out for Action and Lidl products on Bol.com

Bol.com is the ideal place to shop whatever you want. Yet you are better off leaving Action, Lidl and Ikea products in the store, according to the Consumers’ Association. Here’s why.

Bol.com literally sells almost everything. It doesn’t list houses just yet, but if you’re looking for a television or a bottle of fabric softener, you can go to the online store. It also lists products from Action, Lidl and Ikea. You’d better leave these out, according to the Consumers’ Association.

Just leave Action, Lidl and Ikea products on the shelf

Is it Dutch cleverness, or just common theft? You can ask that question with some merchants on Amazon and Bol.com. In fact, the platform features products from Action, Lidl, Ikea and Bol.com. Handy you might say, were it not for the fact that they are not sold by the stores themselves.

No, these products are offered by other shops. And that is precisely where the problem lies. For these products from Ikea, Lidl and Action you pay much more than in the store or webshop of the company itself. It is somewhat similar to dropshipping what some merchants do with products from AliExpress and Temu, for example.

Jigsaw Lidl Be careful with products from Silvercrest and Parkside.

Pay close attention to Bol.com and Amazon

The Consumers’ Association researched it and there appear to be bizarre differences in price. One of the examples cited is Action’s Superfinn limescale cleaner. At the store itself, the bottle costs 1.42 euros, while it is on sale at Bol.com for 9.29 euros. So that’s six times as much as normal.

Lidl is also hitting the mark. For example, on Bol.com you can buy a Silvercrest Airfryer for 74.99 euros, while it is 39.99 euros at Lidl itself. At Ikea, for example, mattresses and cutlery sets are on Amazon for exorbitant prices.

So if you see a particular item on Bol.com or Amazon, you would do well to check whether it really isn’t on sale somewhere else. At least we at WANT help you, because we list the best Action and Lidl deals every week especially for you. That way you have those products for the best price. We also regularly monitor Ikea especially for you.

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