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Crypto update: price BTC & crypto min, ETH, DOGE + free XRP

Meanwhile, the US markets have closed again. We take a look at live Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto prices. Then we analyze the prices of ETH and DOGE. Finally, we share how Binance is giving away free Ripple (XRP).

We begin, of course, with live Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto prices.

Live Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto prices fall

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin (BTC) price is quoting EUR 21,149.92 ($21,221.09). This is down 1.91% from yesterday around this time and about the same as the price in our Bitcoin update from earlier today.

The prices of most of the crypto in the top 25 are also negative. Apart from a few stable coins, only Litecoin (LTC) posted a positive result with + 1.88%. The biggest loss is currently with -5.05%^for Solana (SOL). On the site of you can analyze all live crypto prices 24 hours a day.

Crypto investors see bears for Ethereum (ETH)

In view of the upcoming Merge update, many investors were expecting a lot from the Ethereum (ETH) exchange rate, but so far they have been disappointed. The price of the currency dropped 18% in a week and that has hefty consequences. Long option traders lost more than $30 million in the last 24 hours alone. Also, the price dipped below $1,550.

Although the live Ethereum (ETH) price is now back above that mark at $1,596.47, the currency is still losing 1.66% in 24 hours. Also, analysts now see another bearish scenario for the Ethereum (ETH) price looming. This seems to have been triggered mainly by developers revealing some weaknesses from the Merge update. We reported on this last week.

Still, the slump in the ETH price seems to be short-lived. Looking at various indicators we see that the ETH whales are holding on to their holdings and thus still believe in price increases. We also see that the number of wallets with holdings is increasing and that there is also more talk about ETH (Merge) on social media. These indicators point to increasing volatility that may well cause price increases.

Dogecoin (DOGE) loses support, but appears to be on the way to recovery

The Dogecoin (DOGE) price has been moving sideways for some time. This means that a strong bottom is being established and that a ruling is imminent. The question then is always whether such a breakout is bearish or bullish.

Until recently, the upcoming breakout seemed bullish because Dogecoin (DOGE) remained above $0.68. However, in the current price decline, the live Dogecoin (DOGE) price is $0.0678. This is not only 2.43% lower than yesterday, but also below the support level of $0.068.

With this, an exciting scenario is unfolding. Namely, if the Dogecoin (DOGE) quickly rises back above $0.068 we can expect a bullish scenario, with the way open for growth to around $0.075. However, if the support level is not recaptured it will turn into resistance. In that case, further consolidation towards a bearish breakout seems to become greater. The entire DOGE analysis with charts can be studied here.

Crypto investors take note: Binance is giving away free Ripple (XRP)

If you join Binance’s new ‘earn and learn’ rate tomorrow, August 24, you can earn free Ripple (XRP).

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Learn crypto, earn crypto.

All verified users will be able to complete a new series of online courses and quizzes to earn free crypto!

More details here ➡

– Binance (@binance) August 22, 2022

The full terms of the promotion, which you can participate in right now by the way, Binance explains in a blog post.

This action is part of the closer cooperation Binance is seeking with Ripple (XRP). For example, it has recently become possible to strike Ripple (XRP) at Binance. You can also make payments with this crypto via the Binance card. Investors do not seem particularly enthusiastic yet. The live Ripple (XRP) price is currently at $0.3413 1.42% lower than yesterday around this time.

By the way, there are more ways to earn free crypto. Are you curious? We recently listed 5 ways to earn free crypto.

Want to stay up to date with the latest price developments?

You can always follow the developments yourself with our WANT crypto analyses or the background articles and previews on the crypto market and Bitcoin. Of course, you can also follow the live quotes 24 hours a day if you want to stay informed in real time. So it could be an exciting afternoon.

Note: We never give financial advice, so you can’t interpret our contributions that way either. Always do your own research and decide rationally if, when, what and how much you want to invest in.

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