This is how the Netherlands scores as a crypto country

This is how the Netherlands scores as a crypto country: which countries do better?

Earlier this week, we published a survey on the climate for crypto taxation by country. Naturally, we are curious how the Netherlands scores as a tax haven or tax hell for crypto owners. In addition, Coincub also investigated how friendly the Netherlands as a whole is to crypto. We put the facts in a row.

Every crypto investor knows that you have to report the balance of your holdings in Bitcoin and other crypto in your income tax return on January 1 as part of your assets. This gives the Netherlands a score of 2.8 out of a 5-point rating. This puts our country in 24th place worldwide. This is a lot better than for example the Belgian crypto tax. This comes with a score of 0.6 as the worst of the 61 countries studied in the comparison.

These countries are the most and least tax-friendly for crypto

Naturally, we’re curious to know which countries have the most advantageous and most expensive tax systems for Bitcoin and crypto. We list these for you.

These countries are the least tax-friendly for crypto

First, we’ll start with the countries that are the least tax-friendly for crypto investors. This is the top, or rather flop 5:

As mentioned above, Belgium is the last on the list (number 61) and thus the most unfavorable tax-wise with only 0.6 stars.
Iceland is number 60 and scores 0.8 stars.
Israel is number 59 and manages to score 1 star.
Japan takes the 58th spot in the ranking as they managed to earn 1.1 star.
Austria, at number 57, is also 1.1 star rich, but scores slightly more favorably on individual components because they do not levy a capital tax on crypto assets where Japan does.

These are the crypto tax havens

Of course, there are also countries where the tax authorities interfere a lot less with the crypto market. We make a top 5 of those as well:

The Bahamas is the best place to be by several aid measures. They therefore earn 4.4 out of 5 stars. Their scores on various components make them the best.
The shared second place is, also with 4.4 stars, first of all for the Bermuda Islands.
They share that second place with Belarus.
The United Arab Emirates is also tax-friendly for crypto investors. They earn 3.9 stars. Again, they score just better than the last country in the top 5 on components.
That is namely the Central African Republic, which also earns 3.9 stars.

Of course, you can view the entire study with all the countries studied and detailed scores here.

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How is the Netherlands performing as a crypto country?

Of course, there are more factors than just taxes to judge whether a country is crypto-friendly or not. If we put all factors in a row, according to research, the Netherlands is the 7th crypto country in the world. On a ranking of 10 stars, our country achieves a 7.8.

The details from this research show some nice facts. We list some of them:

About 3.04% of the Dutch population owns crypto.
We receive 1.37 billion in crypto, while sending 2.24 billion in crypto to other countries.
There are 362 Bitcoin nodes in our country.
In Arnhem, you can pay the most with crypto. In fact, Arnhem is one of the cities worldwide where you can pay the most with crypto.

You can read the entire report on the Netherlands as a cryptoland here.

We already saw that our southern neighbors scored a lot less well in terms of tax, but also overall Belgium is a lot less crypto-friendly than the Netherlands. The research shows that on the list of 56 countries surveyed, they only occupy 47th place with 4 out of 10 stars. For our Belgian readers, we are of course also happy to share the link to the crypto report for Belgium.

By the way, we saw before that the Dutch investor is not very representative for the opinion of crypto investors in Europe. For example, we saw that previous studies signal striking deviations when we examine how residents of Europe view the EU’s interference in the crypto market.

These are the best and worst crypto countries in the world

Naturally, as a crypto investor, you’re curious to know which countries score best and worst as crypto countries. We list it for you.

These are the worst crypto countries in the world

First, we’re going to look at where it’s better not to be as a crypto investor.

The good score on fiscal matters may not help the Central African Republic. Based on the most recent survey, this country is last on the list with only 0.6 out of 10 stars.
Cuba also doesn’t appear on the crypto enthusiasts’ list with 2 out of 10 stars.
Uzbekistan closes the top 3 of shame with a score of 2.2 out of 10 stars.
That leaves Iceland, which was also at the bottom of the fiscal comparison, only just above with 2.6 out of 10 stars.
Pakistan closes the top 5 of shame with 3 out of 10 stars.

A notable fact, despite all crypto currently being banned in the country China remains just above this top 5 of shame with a score of 3.2 out of 5.

These are the world’s best crypto havens

Finally, of course, the question is where to go if you want to leave the Netherlands for a real crypto paradise. In our final top 5 you’ll find the suggestions.

At the top, America finishes with a score of 9.8 out of 10. However, it has to share this first place.
This is because Germany also scored a 9.8 out of 10 in this extensive survey. This sets the bar high for number 3.
We are talking about Singapore that scored 8.6 stars.
However, this country is hot on the heels of Australia with 8.4 stars.
Switzerland closes the top 5 with a score of exactly 8 out of 10.

You can, of course, also read this study and the detailed country-by-country reports in their entirety at Coinhub.

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