1652028989 A new Mafia game is coming but are we waiting

A new Mafia game is coming, but are we waiting for it?

It was announced this week that the developer of Mafia III, Hanger 13, is saying goodbye to Haden Blackman. The best man was the co-founder of the studio and had to ensure that the third part would be a top-notch game.

Actually, that wasn’t quite the case. Just like Mafia II wasn’t quite it. With Blackman’s departure, it also became clear at the same time that a fourth part is already being worked on. So says website Kotaku. But are we waiting for that?

Do we even want a Mafia 4?

Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of the first Mafia. And recently with the remake, it was great fun to play that classic again. But the two games that came after that were just not it. They are games that revolve around the story, but at the same time have a large open world. On that last point, the games did not convince. Where in a game like GTA it is always fun to go crazy outside the main story, in this series you don’t have that fun.

A new Mafia game is coming but are we waitingMafia Definitive Edition (Image: 2K Games)

As a result, the series just won’t get off the ground. The new Mafia game is said to have made an important choice though. The game would take place before the first part. That means really at the beginning of the twentieth century. This may be a good move for the series, because in that period it is interesting to go wild as a criminal and build your own empire. But at the same time it is to be hoped that the developer has learned something from the mistakes made in the last two games.

What we know

But the release of a new Mafia game is still far from us. Development is said to be in the early stages and only has a working name in the form of Nero. However, it seems they have chosen to make the game based on the new Unreal Engine 5 instead of their own engine. This will probably make the game visually a lot better. But ultimately it should be that the game is fun. And more than just a good story. If the developer can do that, then it might still be something with the series.

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