Android and iOS have powerful Xbox feature you dont know

Android and iOS have powerful Xbox feature you don’t know about yet

Microsoft is paving the way with Xbox Remote Play, where you can play games remotely on your Android or iOS device, but pothead: this other feature is too often overlooked by many gamers. WANT editor Dennis Mons explains to you why it’s awesome and how to set it up.

Xbox gamers, like me, often keep an eye out for new releases. Especially when Microsoft drops fantastic titles for the month with GamePass, it immediately starts itching. You sometimes spot them on social media, but there’s a downside: you get home, want to play but some 27 million GB game has a download time of several months.

Jam games onto your Xbox instantly thanks to Android and iOS

I’m sure it’s professional deformation, but we get rapped on about new gamer releases. And sometimes that typical feeling happens to you that you also have with streaming video: I want to see or play that right away today.

Xbox Games with GoldOh yes all the zen to dive right into a game. (Image: Javier Martinez / Unsplash)

With video (or movies and series), that’s just a push of a button. But with games, you get home, whack on the Xbox and choose games you want to play. Only to then go watch something on Netflix because the download is going to take a while (especially if you watch Netflix at the same time which also eats up bandwidth, but anyway).

Remotely installing or uninstalling everything

Thanks to a very fine feature from Microsoft Xbox, that problem has been a thing of the past for some time now. After all, you can install all your games from, say, your workplace, or a nice walk in the woods thanks to the Xbox app on Android and iOS. But how do you do that?

Xbox Android iOS Star WarsSO chill! (Image: Microsoft)

This does require you to set up a few (simple) things first.

Plug in your Xbox.
But no kidding, you have to do some poking around on your Xbox Series X/S first. To do this, press the Xbox button, and use your right shoulder button to go to your Settings.
Here there is a Devices and Connections option.
Choose “Remote Features.
You’ll get a message, “Your configuration is being tested.” And if that’s good you’ll get an okay (the speed of your connection does matter).
Next, choose the General Power Management option.
Select Hibernate (which means your console is basically always ready to download or ready for Remote Play.

Access the Xbox app on your Android or iOS device

Download and install your Android or iOS app from Xbox.
Log in and you’ll get a fine overview of your friends and available games, among other things.
Select the game you want to install remotely and you’ll immediately see the above (pictured) button.
Then you can choose which console it should be installed on (should you have the luxury of multiple Xboxes).

xbox android iosNow wondering how many consoles you guys have to add. (Image: Microsoft)

Deleting games

You may very well run out of space on your Xbox and want to remotely delete some games first. Also a piece of cake.

In your Android or iOS app, go to My Library and then consoles
Then choose Manage Console and games
Tap the three dots next to a particular title
And delete as you choose, hops!

session xbox android iosI’ll leave this one up for now though. (Image: Microsoft)

So super simple, but you have to know it. Here goes! And there’s nothing nicer to come home and find that your game is already nicely parked on your Xbox thanks to Android and iOS.

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