Crazy for action These 5 Android games are really for

Crazy for action? These 5 Android games are really for you!

The Google Play Store is full of great action games. That’s a positive thing, of course, but it’s hard to go all the way through. Fortunately, WANT has already done the work for you. We have made a list of action games for Android that you really should try.

The selection of Android apps is huge, but by no means all of them are of good quality. To combat this, a large part of the apps and games disappeared from the Google Play Store. What remains are high-quality apps and games. So most action games are fine to use on different models.

The most fun action games for Android users

Thanks to the latest technologies, action games have become more and more realistic. Nowadays, however, this is not at all a must. The most fun Android games in this list have embraced their nostalgic feel and stayed close to their classic interface. This makes the games extra fun to play.


At its core, ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game in which you play as a mysterious warrior who is part human and part robot. The lady seems innocent, but is a true warrior. The Android game plays flawlessly, with tight controls. You can unlock and upgrade new skills as you progress through the game. If this was all ICEY had to offer it would still get a spot on this list. But that’s just the beginning. The game also has a surprising storyline, which tells you more about the relationship between the narrator and the protagonist. Each level you find out more, keeping the game exciting. It is a unique gaming experience, especially for smartphones.

Download ICEY here

2. Ninja Chowdown

If you play action games for the violence, it’s best to choose one that throws you directly into the fray. Ninja Chowdown does this incredibly well through an absurd concept. Your Doughjo’s fanciest doughnut has been stolen by rival restaurateurs. It’s up to you to hijack it back. Ninja Chowdown is at its core an endless runner and features simple touch controls. The challenging levels will put your reaction time to the test. The story mode of the Android game features different theme levels and bosses, while you shoot around endlessly.

Download Ninja Chowdown here

3. Pascal’s Wager for Android

Pascal’s Wager is an interesting game. Fans call the game “the Dark Souls for Android. This is because it is an action RPG with several Souls-like features. The game takes place in a mysterious, medieval setting. The battles are difficult and enemies respawn when you stop at a checkpoint. What sets the game apart are the playable characters. You can choose characters and switch between the ones you have unlocked at any time. This game plays best with a controller, because you will frequently die unnecessarily if you use touchscreen controls. Take it from us.

Download Pascal’s Wager here

4. Penarium

Penarium is a nail-biting platform game made by Team17, who you probably know best from the Worms franchise. While Worms was a slow-paced strategy game, Penarium is on the opposite end of the spectrum with fast-paced action. The Android game tells the story of Willy, a farm boy who has always longed for adventure. One day, a circus show rolls into town and Willy decides to run away for a little fun. Unfortunately, this is no ordinary circus: it’s Penarium, a sadistic circus society. You help Willy return home unscathed. The game has a fairly dark subject matter, but maintains a lighthearted tone.

Download Penarium here

5. Witcheye

Witcheye is a beautiful retro-ish game that looks and sounds like it was ripped from the 90s. The game is an almost perfect Android platformer with excellent touch controls. You play as a witch who transforms herself into a bouncing eyeball as she searches for her stolen magic ingredients. There are more than 50 levels to enjoy. Each with amazing graphics and wonderful music. There is plenty of fun stuff to unlock. For example, a hard mode that completely revamps the entire game for an extra challenge. There are even speedrunning tools available.

Download Witcheye here