Formula One fans get the perfect gift from PlayStation

Formula One fans get the perfect gift from PlayStation

Sony has released the new PlayStation Plus lineup for March. Formula 1 fans in particular can’t believe their luck.

There will be 4 new games added to the PlayStation Plus catalog in March, including one for the true Formula 1 enthusiast. You can play these games starting March 5, and this PS Plus month ends on April 1.

With new games added, some games are also going away. The games you can still add to your catalog through March 4 are: Foamstars, Rollerdrome and Steelrising. So if you still want to play them, add them to your library soon!

PlayStation Plus in March: Formula 1 and more

Here we have a list of the four new PlayStation Plus games you can play on the PS4 and PS5 starting March 5, including the game for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Hello Neighbor 2

First of all, we have the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor 2. As in the first part, you are a kid who goes to investigate your creepy neighbor’s house. Here you will find scary and dirty secrets.

The game has a cartoony style that makes it perfect for many different ages. It is horror, but you won’t lie awake for days because it looks so realistic. Furthermore, it is a fun game to play with friends. So it is ideal if you are waiting for the next Formula 1 race.

Destiny 2: Witch Queen

The next PlayStation Plus addition is Destiny 2: Witch Queen. This is a major expansion to the original Destiny 2. The expansion was released in 2022, after being delayed due to the global pandemic.

Witch Queen brings Destiny 2 players a whole new story to play, paired with some new missions. So if you’re a Destiny fan, this is a fun game to pick up for free.

Sifu for PlayStation 4 and 5

The kung fu game called Sifu will also be free to play for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting March 5. Sifu is a modern version of the old-fashioned beat ’em up games. So you beat people up, but here with kung fu.

You play as a young martial arts student trying to find the people who killed his family. Sifu is a good old-fashioned revenge game where you want to get back at the people who hurt you. Sounds wonderful right?

Formula 1 2023

The latest new addition to the PlayStation Plus library is EA Sports F1 23, the official game of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship. If you want to play a good Formula One game, this is a good option.

You can race on all your favorite tracks in the game, such as Zandvoort and Las Vegas. Furthermore, you race with all the famous drivers and all the teams. So you can take a seat as Max Verstappen in the Red Bull. With Formula 1 2023 you start warming up for the 2024 racing season, which begins on March 2.

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