1709132224 Analysts are sure Netflix will get a little more

Analysts are sure: Netflix will get a little more expensive again in 2024

Although Netflix still threw up prices in October 2023, analysts are certain that subscribers can expect higher bills in 2024 as well.

Netflix is no longer the streaming service that started the movie and series craze a few years ago. In addition to its full range of well-known titles and some rock-solid originals, its low price tag of a tenner a month is nowhere to be seen anymore.

If the analysts at UBS Securities are to be believed, we will be creeping even closer to the 20 euros per month figure by 2024. You read it right: Netflix seems to be getting more expensive yet again.

USB Securities: Netflix more expensive again in 2024

So while Netflix did become more expensive last year, it was not the increase the company itself had anticipated. According to co-CEO Greg Peters, punishing password sharers ensured that part of that increase was submitted in a different way.

“Now that the options for account sharers are all in place, however, I can’t say what will happen next,” he let it be known. However, John Hodulik, and his team of analysts at UBS Securities, thinks they do know. “We expect prices to go up this year,” according to the report released Feb. 27.

Netflix scores rock hard with Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence (Image: Netflix)

Indeed, Netflix is going to do five different things by 2024. For example, in addition to raising prices, it also wants to strengthen the platform, curate its offerings, save on content production as well as look more closely at bringing in rights.

How much more Netflix will charge for the Standard subscription is of course unknown at this time. But given previous increases, we can say that taking into account a euro or two more per month is realistic.

How much do you pay per month now?

So Netflix is going to get more expensive again in 2024, in all likelihood. But just to be clear, how much are you paying at the beginning of 2024?


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At the time of writing, the options look as follows:

Basic | HD quality (720p), download on 1 device | 7.99 euros per month
Standard | Full HD quality (1080p), download on 2 devices | 11.99 euros per month
Premium | Ultra HD quality (4K), HDR, Spatial audio, download on 4 devices | 15.99 euros per month

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