How much the Virgil van Dijk of esports earns with

How much the Virgil van Dijk of esports earns with EA Sports FC 24

Soccer is big business. Tonight we see Virgil van Dijk in action with the Dutch national team. He has a million-dollar salary. But what about the e-sport players who play EA Sports FC 24 on a professional basis?

EA Sports FC 24 is one of the most popular games on all consoles. Millions of people play it and especially the Ultimate Team mode. Because it is so popular, there are even official leagues and tournaments that esports players can participate in. They can earn quite a salary just like Virgil van Dijk.


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What about in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, the E-Divisie is the largest EA Sports FC 24 competition. Last year there was 50,000 euros in prize money to be won. The winner of the competition received 20,000 euros. That was four team members, by the way. Not enough to make ends meet like Virgil van Dijk, but still an ideal penny.

In addition, the winners of the E-Division also get places at the EA Sports FC24 World Cup. There is considerably more prize money to be earned there. The winners of the tournament will receive 300,000 euros. OK, that might be a week’s salary for Virgil van Dijk, but you and I could really live on that.

Professional esports players from EA Sports FC 24

Anyway, there are other ways to make money. If you are really special, you are on a professional Esports team. Here you can earn wonderful salaries starting from 5,000 euros to amounts that rise above 10,000 euros. Usually these contracts are for the duration of two years.

By the way, this is salary only. Prize money can be on top of that. So if you win the EA Sports FC 24 World Cup as well, you’re really a front runner. Besides that tournament, there are plenty of other competitions where you can collect money. In this way, you can get a little closer to Virgil van Dijk.

Even more income like Virgil van Dijk

But like Virgil van Dijk, esports players don’t just make their money playing tournaments and official matches. They can also earn quite a bit on the side with other things. Take EA Sports FC 24 match streaming via Twitch, for example. Viewers can subscribe to a channel and even donate to a player. These are revenues that can add up nicely. In addition, it is also possible for them to do promotions for other brands through their channel. Which is also box office.

The same goes for players’ social media, of course. Like Virgil van Dijk, they also gain followers on TikTok, Instagram and, for example, X. With a certain number of followers, you also become interesting to commercial parties, allowing you to promote products. A fine addition to esports revenue.

Also, esports can be an ideal stepping stone to another career. The average esports career does not last as long as Virgil van Dijk’s soccer career. An example is Koen Weiland, for example. He is probably the best-known esporter in the Netherlands and nowadays also moonlights as a presenter at Viaplay. So now he earns money talking about Virgil van Dijk instead of playing with it.

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