AirTag in your suitcase is it allowed and wise to

AirTag in your suitcase: is it allowed and wise to do?

The AirTag may not be as well known as the iPhone or AirPods, but it is certainly a handy gadget. It allows you to find all your stuff. But is it also a good idea to put it in your suitcase to avoid losing it?

Apple first presented the AirTag in the spring of 2021. The company had been working on the gadget for years but found it good enough to release that year. The round tracker should ensure that you never lose your belongings again. For example, you can hang it on your keychain, attach it to your bike or even put it in your suitcase.


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Can you take the AirTag with you in your suitcase?

The latter, however, has been the subject of much controversy. Some airlines such as Lufthansa did not want this transmitter in passengers’ suitcases. This is because, according to them, it would be unsafe since it is a transmitter and runs on a battery.

However, that unsafety was debunked by researchers and now the transmitter is just allowed in your travel bag or suitcase. And yes, even Lufthansa is allowing it again. That’s because the battery in the AirTag does not contain enough lithium to pose a danger.

Also, is it a good idea?

So much for practical information. The question that remains is whether it is actually a good idea. As far as I’m concerned, it is. Although airlines have many tools to find suitcases, sometimes things go wrong. Losing your suitcase is always no fun and especially not when it contains valuables. The airline only has to reimburse the damage up to a certain amount.

With the AirTag, you can immediately see where your suitcase is somewhere, even if it’s on the other side of the world. As soon as someone with an iPhone is nearby, the AirTag can send a signal to you. Something that is pretty much guaranteed to happen, unless your luggage was sent to North Korea.

apple spring loaded AirTag Google (Image: Apple / screenshot)

Indeed, sometimes airlines take a run at the truth. For example, one passenger shared his story online. While the airline said that a suitcase was at a distribution center, it turned out to be somewhere completely different. So the suitcase turned out to have been delivered to the wrong address.

So with the AirTag, you can immediately confront an airline with your findings and they can no longer make excuses. It allows you to put more pressure on the company, so you get your suitcase back faster. So above all, put that tracker in your travel bag. It is then also useful to locate your suitcase if it is stolen in a hotel, for example. Hide the AirTag well, however, so it won’t be thrown out immediately by a criminal.

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